Adventures in Niflalfheimr

Attack on Golden Fields

We are Now Level 6

We fought a pair of giants, Ogg and Lob.

Fengarr saved the day with a really effective terrain spell that had the side effect of creating lots of extra grain (which hopefully makes up for that Karina set a bunch of it on fire)
We all took pot shots for a really long time, the only one able to get close enough to touch them was Lily.

Niatta turned them against each other, and then after Ogg killed Lob (we saved him, don’t worry) she convinced him to surrender.

It turns out they are big dumb babies and respond well to intimidation – Braith puffed up like a tiny squeaky frog (and Lily stood on one’s shoulders and punched him in the neck) while Fengarr convinced them to tell us what was going on. Basically they are serving a bigger giant-bully, Guh, who may or may not be as dumb as they are.

Fengarr convinced them that there isn’t food here, which was difficult when they were literally standing in a wheat field but also not that difficult. They’re REAL dumb.

And now we’re level 6!


BobbyBees sprasarah

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