Adventures in Niflalfheimr

Death Cults Don't Do Laundry

The Revenge of the Goblin King

We’re on the 4th and top floor of the tower.

We open all the doors on the top floor and loot the rooms.

There’s a lot of laundry. Raskogg concludes that at least the former inhabitants weren’t members of some death cult, because death cults don’t do laundry.

Rummaging through the rooms, pulling clothes out of drawers and digging through wastebins Sigrid finds a loose board under a dresser, and pulls it up to reveal a little silver amulet.

Raskogg determines it’s magic! Of the school of conjuration. The magic members of the party each look at it in turns. No one really can tell anything interesting about it, until Karina looks at it and immediately realizes that it’s demonic and starts freaking out. Dropping it immediately (without explanation) and starts chanting prayers and burning incense.

After some time, she clarifies that it’s demonic. She requests some time to perform some rituals to cleanse it of its evil. Braith requests that they do that in the kitchen.

After the short rest, examining the amulet, they discover it is an Amulet of Sweet Dreams, which (to summarize) can be used to summon an incubus.

Karina’s eyes go wide, insisting that the amulet be destroyed. Raskogg objects; his eyes having widened at the thought of the money to be acquired from selling the amulet.

They argue for some time; but don’t resolve the issue. Fenngar offers to take the amulet for now, until it can be dealt with.

Meanwhile, they are in the kitchen and there’s a secret door. Sigrid has the key! She opens it. There are stairs down. It’s not a portal into hell. There are three lit ever-burning torches along the walls. Raskogg extinguishes them and takes them. They reach the door at the bottom of the stairs. It is warm. Raskogg indicates this, and takes hold of the handle to peek around. Fengarr gets ready to extinguish flames in case there is fire on the other side.

The door swings open! Inside is a very large room:20160922_202012.jpg

In the center of the room is a large orb of unnatural flame, with a man standing next to it, staring into the orb dressed in robes that identify him clearly as the archmage of the tower, and a pair of little flame lizards.

The man turns to the adventurers, breaking his gaze from the flame orb. His eyes sockets are empty. He’s clearly possessed by a flame elemental. He cackles. (Baal quips – Doug? Is that you?)

Karina hits him with sacred flame. Sigrid runs up and stabs him! He flinches; and yells, get that one! and the flame lizards run and attack Sigrid. Fengar Entangles the wizard dude. Baal yells, “Doug!!!!” and shoots several bolts of radiant energy at him. He turns – having not had a name until now – his name is now Doug. Raskogg steps around a lizard, and ROARS! The wizard laughs, and the two lizards scurry away. Braith charges in and hits him with his axe.


“Oh Shit Doug’s dead? Doug didn’t sign my yearbook!”

The things are dead.

Karina pokes the flame thing orb with her mace “What do we do with this?”
It disappears.
Bojack is also missing.

Raskogg, with his detect magic, notices that there’s incredibly powerful transmutation magic that just happened.

The door swings open and starts talking. “Oh hey it’s that Gnome!” Raskogg turns to the adventurers – ‘Bojack just ran off with our meal ticket!!’

The party all runs after him, they reach the top of the stairs and standing there is… The Goblin King David Bowie, holding the orb of flame. “Well thank you” he says, as Raskogg, having never stopped running, grabs the orb out of his hand. Raskogg stands triumphant for a moment – until he looks at his hand, which is empty.


David Bowie smiles. He reaches his hand up, and unzips the air around him, turning it inside out around him. Then he disappears.

Everyone stands around, a little angry. Surprisingly the most familiar with these effects, Sigrid clarifies – “He used Time Stop and Gate. He’s gone.” She turns and walks back into the building.

“Oh Hi! You look grumpy!” The door says. No one acknowledges it.

In the room they find: The research papers, a ruby that can summon fairly powerful elementals, fancy burned archmage robes, a little worse for the wear. Karina mends them and Raskogg cleans them. Karina looks at Raskogg – so will you let me destroy the amulet now? There’s a moment of tension. It’s awkward.

~ FIN ~


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