Adventures in Niflalfheimr

The Death of Mr. Vastion

Goodness Gracious GREAT BALLS OF FIRE

Facing up to the fact that we were just conned by David Bowie, Raskogg briefly shuffles through the notes that we’ve recovered from the tower.

We learn that planar rifts are becoming more and more common

From the notes we learn that this project began as research into intentional, small scale rifts into the plane of fire as a smokeless heating system. The patron of this project, Mr. Vastion, requested that the demonstration of this technology, and then it went bad and everyone died (except Lily)

- Transcribe Here --

Lily is pretty upset by this news. She spends some time trying to get her head around it. She eventually comes to the conclusion that the research is reprehensible and needs to be stopped.

“I just thought boys were starting to look cute and now this is all happening” Lily makes a face20161006_201638.jpg

We go back into the little town,

The sun never sets in the plane of air… some description of a place that’s really pretty

On the third day we get back into town. We head back to the bar where we met Sidilic. Lily confronts him, and demands the name of his boss. Sidilic is intimidated; and he maybe recognizes Lily; he tells her his boss is named Archmage Fara.

Lily has another great exchange with Sidilic which I failed to record because it was so interesting, Sorry. She basically established Sidilic didn’t have anything to do with the fire and her parent’s death, without letting on her actual identity.

We get back to Corlan and Sidilic assumes we’re parting ways. Lily tries to convince him we’re going with him to his boss, but he rebuffs her. A really awkward conversation ensues. Braith manages to slip Mouse-Fengarr into Sidilic’s pocket. Sidilic leaves. Everyone kind of glares at him.

Braith writes a note and drops it down a hole. During the writing of this, he realizes suddenly that David Bowie is an ArchFey.



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