Lady Liliana Vastion the 3rd

A child.


Liliana is a 12 year old girl who goes by several nicknames. Her companion refers to her as Lil’, she introduces herself as Lillie. She is 4’9" and roughly 97 lbs. Dressed in dark beaten noble clothes that have seen constant wear and tear. She has raven black hair that covers her left eye. When revealed, a large scar streaks across the top of her face over the eye and the iris is cloudy. Possibly non-functioning.

She is slightly impulsive, constantly acting like a child much younger than she is. She is often acting with innocence and good nature but seems to really enjoy the more adult situations she finds herself in such as battles and cults.

Stolen from Fenngar:
Physical appearance
Female human child.
Approximately 12 years old.
4 feet 9 inches tall.
Approximately 97 pounds.
Pale skin, little to no freckles, slightly dirty, large scar over left eye.
Green eyes.
Raven black hair, shoulder length and covering her left eye.

Apparel and accessories
Worn and dirty noble clothes, a burgundy dress covering her knees, long sleeves, and held at the waist by a thin leather corset.
Black worn leather booths that come up to just below the knee.
A slim belt across her chest carrying 2 pouches containing any basics acquired in her trials.
This includes her only form of non-Baal weapon, a handful of Darts.


Liliana Vastion is the last remaining child of the Vastion house which had a horrific accident 2 years ago. Her family is believed to have been entirely eliminated, and should her existence get to the wrong ears, she could be hunted for secrets that belonged to her family.

She awoke the day after the ‘accident’ in an alleyway where several men approached her asking for her clothes. It was then that she discovered the mighty and fearsome Genasi, Baal. Through a bizarre set of arcane phenomena, Baal had been born into the physical realm from the plane of fire. The caveat? He was attached to this little girl. He appeared as a fearsome vision above her head and attacked the muggers.

Since then, Lillie and Baal have traveled the streets avoiding political plots and surviving amongst the riff-raff and underbelly of upper Corlan. Getting to know each other and the limits of their connected plight.

Lady Liliana Vastion the 3rd

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