Adventures in Niflalfheimr

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Dawn of the Goblin King


this is an H6 header

The Adventurers met in a dark narrow bar (their neighborhood dive) called the Tipped Cattle. They kind of introduced themselves when a Dwarf named Douglin ran in yelling that Goblins had gotten his friends. After some negotiations conducted by Råskogg the adventurers rushed to help, killing a couple goblins and a large rat down in the mines. After the skirmish they were greeted by a Hobgoblin wearing very tight pants.


Braith – greasy, freckled gnome talking to mice

Karina – human, priestess outfit, face tattoo

Fenngar – human, generic druid with beautiful golden red hair, mysterious skull ring

Liliana Vastion – human, 12 year old girl wearing tattered old clothes that were clearly at one time very nice

Baal – genasi, big cloak, bald, green marble skin: never more than a few feet away from Lily. Not always there, though.

Råskog – red dragonborn, plain leather armor.

Sigrid (Kalmar) Geldef – human, attractive, brown hair. Wearing a pendant with a ship on it, and a wedding ring.

The Events

evening, early fall

The last gleams of sunlight struggled through the haze over Corlan. It would soon be dark, despite the early hour. Liliana Vastion narrowed her eyes at the two men with knives drawn on her. One of them was talking, but she didn’t pay any attention. She wanted them to think she was helpless before they got smashed. That would be funny. She smiled; it didn’t reach her eyes.

‘I think you’d best clear out.’ A new voice snapped her out of her reverie. The men spun around to confront the woman behind them – only to find themselves staring at naked steel, one blade for each of them. The bigger one gulped, his eyes darting from the sword to the pendant around the neck of the bearer: an oval containing a ship, with the stock and arms of an anchor jutting out from behind. The smaller one opened his mouth to speak, and got a punch in the arm from his friend.

‘Yes Ma’am!’ said the bigger man. He grabbed his friend; they ran off, soon disappearing into the fog of smoke.

HEY!’ Lily was livid, a flickering orange gleam in her eyes. ‘I HADthat!’

‘I bet you did, kid. What’s your name?’

Liliana drew herself up to her full height, all 4 feet of it.

‘I am Liliana Vastion, [full titles here]. And don’t you forget it.’

The woman raised her eyebrows at this. ‘A pleasure to meet you, Liliana Vastion [full titles]. My name is Sigrid Geldef [of the Kaldar clan]. Might I petition my lady for directions to the nearest alehouse?’

Liliana looked thoughtful for a second. ‘Well… there’s this place where the owner gives me the last of the day’s milk before it spoils…’

She flounced off, Sigrid close behind.

The Tipped Cattle

None of the light from the fast-waning day made it through the two small windows at of the Tipped Cattle. Fortunately, none of the smoke from outside made it in, either.

A scattering of people sat fairly evenly distributed throughout the small, narrow tavern, a few chatting quietly with the servers, most sitting and listening to the musical stylings of a mist-elf strumming a harp and singing on a small stage crowded into the back corner.

Sigrid and Lily stepped inside. While Sigrid took a moment to look around and let her eyes adjust to the dim candlelight, Lily made a beeline straight for the table closest the stage, where sat a grimy-looking gnome and a large red dragonborn, both eating food that they apparently brought in themselves. The gnome had split his crumbly travel-bread into pieces and was feeding it to a pair of brown mice, apparently conversing with them in squeaks and gestures, while the dragonborn consumed his turkey leg in silence.

The orc bartender looked up from wiping down the bar for a second. ‘Hey kid, you know you’re not supposed to be in here during operating hours!’ Lily ignored him, and ducked behind the dragonborn. The bartender sighed and went back to his task. She peeked out, checking for his glare. The Dragonborn looked at her sidelong and raised an eyebrow. She started climbing on him.

“Hey kid, you should really not be doing that,” he warned her, attempting to shrug her off. Noticing the commotion, the bartender looked up again.

“You really shouldn’t be in here. I’m going to have to throw you out” he said, pitching his voice so that it carried over the other patron’s conversations. Lily slid off the Dragonborn, who looked relieved that he didn’t have to remove her himself. He went back to his food, and mug of beer.

“I’m with her!” Lily said petulantly to the bartender, pointing to Sigrid, who’d made it to the table and sat down. The bartender looked at Sigrid to confirm. Sigrid nodded. He again went back to his work.

Seeing Lily prepping to continue her summit, Sigird looked at the other denizen of the table.

“So, you don’t look like you’re from here. What’s your name? How did you come to be in Corlan?” she said, sizing up the gnome. He looked up, surprised that someone was addressing him.

He squeaked a couple of times before catching himself, replying “My name is Braith Mosswyck, of Brockhall. I’m not from here, you’re right. I got here by taking the middle path south for two miles, then the left fork at the crow tree…” he continued to give a very detailed turn-by-turn account of his journey. Sigrid’s eyes started to glaze over.

Lily had abandoned the Dragonborn, finding him unresponsive. She drifted to the gnome, staring at the mice he was feeding. Interrupting his speech, she started asking questions about them. Braith was happy to tell her about them, although slightly confused at the content of her questions.

There was a commotion at the door. A human priestess wearing an elaborately embroidered wimple walked in after a harried-looking man, belaboring the finer points of some theological concept. She seemed to be just at the end of her speech; which was just as well, because the instant the Orc behind the bar heard talk of Gods, he looked up; fire in his eyes. She concluded and bid her ‘friend’ farewell, looking around the bar.

A half-elf waitress walked over to Sigrid. Motioning quietly for her attention. A terrible scar marred her skin, starting at the base of her right ear, continuing across her neck and just touching her collarbone on the left side. It became clear after a few seconds that she was mute. She gestured to Sigrid, wondering what she wanted to drink, “Oh, I’ll have a dark Ale.” Sigrid said. The waitress turned to Braith, lifting her eyebrows expectantly.

“Oh, I’ll have what she got.” He said, pointing to Sigrid. She nodded, turned, and walked to the next table to check on them.

The priestess walked over to the table, having started in their direction at the word ‘Dark’. “Do you need light in your lives, friends?” she asked, addressing no one in particular.

“I guess it is pretty dark in here” Braith said after a second. The priestess smiled brightly and nodded, grabbing the Dragonborn’s mostly-empty flagon of beer and muttering a quick invocation to Dol Ara. The flagon filled with light, and she set it down in the center of the table, looking pleased with herself.

“Oh uh, would you like to eat with us?” Braith asked, offering her some of his mouse-nibbled travel rations. She was about to respond, when the halfling woman who’d walked over cleared her throat, barely visible over the edge of the table.

“Um, we have, atmosphere? And you’re, um, ruining it?” She said, seeming equally alarmed at the light and the fact that she was confronting them about it. The priestess looked affronted, opening her mouth to give the waitress a piece of her mind when a tall, auburn-headed man, up to now smoking in the opposite corner, strode up to the table and threw a handkerchief over the flagon. The light glinted off a silver skull ring for a just a moment as he covered it. He looked pointedly at the priestess. The Halfing woman murmured her thanks and scurried away.

Breath turned to the man. “Welcome! Would you like to eat with us?” He asked, holding out a now-meager portion of travel rations. The man’s refusal was cut off by a loud BANG as the door was thrown open by a very emotional, well-muscled dwarf.

“MY FRIENDS! GOBLINS! PLEASE HELP!” He cried, breathless from running, his voice shrill with panic and desperation.

Lily, on raskogg’s shoulders now, stands up and thrusts her arms in the air ‘I will help him!’
They get his story

Goblins… in the dark… I can’t fight!


Raskogg asks if he got guards

he says he did

he is lying, Raskogg asks:

‘Why don’t you tell us what is really going on here’

The dwarf squeals.

‘uh uh, me and my brothers were in the mines and… uh… we weren’t mining’

‘Okay, but why don’t we get the guards? it’s what they are paid for. We aren’t getting paid to help you’


‘how much?’


‘how about 170’

‘sounds good!’ (the dwarf is not very smart)


‘kid this is much too dangerous for you.’ (Lily makes a face)

“By the way, my name is Douglin”

Raskogg introduces himself

Douglin is sobbing with relief that he’s found help. He manages to avoid any and all city watch as he leads down to the undercity and eventually past the outer gates and down into a passage that leads into one of the main tunnels down into the mines

He loads everyone up into a cart, and they start off down the tunnel.

‘Cart ride! YAAAAYYY

A cart ride later

‘OK, we’re here’ Douglin says.

Braith jumps out of the cart and runs around the corner, rounding it he says to all the larger people ’it’s good if you let me set the pace’

Fenngar hears goblin laughter

They come across a pair of doors across from each toher on either side of the hallway. Sigrid immediately investigates, finding neither of them locked.

Raskogg addresses the dwarf, asking what he knows about the layout of the mine.

Fenngar ‘So Douglin, you say there was a deal?’

‘So, my Brother may be a smuggler. I don’t reallyknow the details. ’ (lily – ‘I love smuggles!’)

‘The goblins were there, our contact attacked him, and i ran’

so which way are they, ‘Douglin begins to launch into a long explanation’ Braith begins walking.

Sigrid hands him the glowing tankard

The goblin cackling gets louder. eventually the tunnel opens up into into a large cavern with a shrine at the end to MorriDorf, a dwarven mning god.

The walls are decorated with large, painted reliefs lit with torches depicting dwarven scenes of mining and drinking

In front of those murals there is a Goblin Dipping his knife into a dead dwarf and painting his blood on the wall.

Braith sees red and runs in, yelling ‘battlecry’. There’s a shout, from behind a pillar, but the goblin isn’t warned in time; he swings at the goblin and misses.

Hearing the sounds Raskogg raises an eyebrow and jogs to the side, to get a better view of the battlefield. Noticing the furry butt of a very large rat, he reaches his hand out and eldritch blast, but misses in the dim light.

Fenngar calmly walks to the right, and speaks a word. Immediately Braith starts glowing with blue light, as does the rat. The Rat is not happy about it. One Goblin tries to get out of the way of the pulse of blue light; trips and smacks his head. The light catches his chain shirt, lighting him up and becoming amplfied, lighting up the stone alter and the dwarf corpse at his feet.

Fenngar yells ‘Surrender and we can resolve this peacefully!’

The Bigger goblin yells, ‘Never!’ and the smaller one does too; about a half second later.
Boss-Gobby clutches his head in pain and attempts to hit braith: hi hits and braith just grimaces. Ducking away, he runs to the other Goblin: ‘BROTHER, ATTACK!’

Stepping out of the shadows, Sigrid throws two daggers in quick succession: the first hits his mark in the chest of the larger goblin. While the second dagger is in mid-air, Boss-gobby grabs the goblin near him and pulls him in front just in time for the dagger to bury itself in the second goblins throat. The second goblin dies.

The rat jumps at dragonborn and bites him.

Lily yells, ‘Baaaaaaaal’ and runs up to the rat. Baaaal materialized above her as she runs, disoriented, ‘what is happening?’ she stops in front of the rodent, which is facing off against the rodent. ‘HIT IT’ she yells. ‘which one?’ ‘The furry one!’ A large fist

Karina Sacred flame

Braith kills the goblin

GOBLIN KING he wears very tight pants

Adventure Log Day 2
Of Goblins and Dwarves
Standing gorgeously above the crowd, the Goblin King (possibly self proclaimed) posed magnificently. Two goblins dead, multiple dwarves bodies scattered about, blood touching ritual statues, and a dead rat that was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Six adventurers look towards the Hobgoblin with determination: Raskog feeling queasy with disease coursing through him; Karina distraught by the vision before her and the large seemingly demonic entity above the child in front of her; Segrid standing over the body of the first goblin; Braith holding on to a surge of rage that left his hands bloodied;

“Well hello there.” the Hobgoblin says in a low, smooth, drawn out tone. “I believe we have some unannounced guests everyone!”
Dougland, a meek figure as far as dwarves go, hefts a backpack over his shoulder that was near his companions’ corpse, maintaining eye contact with the figure above them.

Braith Mosswyck, hands bloodied with goblin blood, stands straight, all 4 feet of him, and shouts back, “If we’re your guests, this is quite the welcome. I don’t even see the food!”
“This is my home, creature, you murdered my kin. You expect hospitality?”
Fengar, ever calm, replies “I’m sorry, we were mislead here by this dwarf to rescue his party. We did not know they were desecrating your land.”
The Hobgoblin speaks goblin to the druid, in a somber tone. “Is he with these others?” He motions to the bodies on the floor. Fengar nods sadly. “Leave him. You may leave all the goods he and his kind took and leave this place unharmed.”
In the distance, the skittering noise of Goblins quickly approach from the distance.

Baal speaks up next, “Well I just wish I knew what was going on… there’s two dead goblins a slew of Dwarves, a dead Rat, a flamboyant Hobgoblin, a dragonborn and a whole bunch of strange people in a dark cave!”
“BAAL These are my FRIENDS. And that guy is a CREEP.” Lily says pointing straight to the Hobgoblin. He scoffs and laughs it off.
“I am no creep, child. What are you doing in a cave with adults? THAT is creepy! Where are your parents?”
“You wear weird clothes!”
“I wear FINE clothing. These are purely chic in every sense! If you will not leave the Dwarf and his ill-gotten goods then my lovelys will ATTACK!”

Braith heads for Dougland and attempts to abscond with him. The room is filling with the echos of goblins rushing from the way the party came in, their eyes appearing in the darkness like small yellow orbs.

Raskog demands the layout from Dougland, asking about the two present stairways. He stutters a response at one of the stairs. Braith takes off with the Dwarf in tow. The rest of the group follows suit as goblins explode into the lobby and chase them towards the stairs.

As the party piles up the stairs, Fengar lags behind and closes his eyes. Dragging his toe along the bottom steps, a cantrip soaks into the ground and the magic ruptures it. The ground cracks and crumbles, raising up and fracturing into sharp points at the base of the stairs. There is no easy way to step on this area and the goblins howl in anger and begin to climb each other to get over it. Their pursuit is significantly slowed.

In a small clearing at the top of the stairs, the party is back in the maze of the mine shafts. The hallways illuminated by the mug of light carried by Dougland, who drops it and brandishes a torch. Braith demands additional information from him. Karina prays to the goddess of Dol Arrah causing Dougland to glow with holy guidance. She does this nonstop for the rest of this mine maze. Just imagine it’s a permanent effect. He struggled for several seconds, seemingly failing to remember, when his eyes light up. He peers in two directions, taking the path he did not actually check down.

Dougland sucks at his job. He needs help like a baby, even Karina can’t help him. Goblin chattering continues to echo through the caves as the party pushes through the caves. Karina keeps Dougland moving as Fengar once again bends the rock in the cave to continue to slow the invaders. Using his right foot as leverage he thrusts his palms towards the ground and with seemingly exerting effort as if lifting something, he brings his arms up and the ground swells and erupts again. Creating a 15ft drop the goblins would have to climb over to continue their pursuit.

The party finds another clearing and Dougland once again is super dumb. Farland looks around the room and finds a hidden door. Dougland scrambles through the door and everyone follows suit. A completed hallway is now displayed. Raskog turns to the door and jams the door shut with a pyton from his dungeoneering pack.

Fengar again finds a secret door, this one only allowing one person through at a time. The party makes their way through. Raskog makes quick work of the door. To the right, a hallway leads into darkness, and everything appears to be like a mine shaft again. Dougland mentions leaving through that hallway to escape the caves before. Coming to a fork and Dougland becomes entirely useless again. Farland attempts to hear for any activity behind the doors. Sigrid checks the left door for traps, and finds nothing. Dougland opens the left door, cautiously takes steps out and falls through a stone pit trap. He yells and it‘s wonderful.

Sigrid scales the pit and wraps the Dwarf on a rope and pulls him up the pit. Almost immediately, Dougland attempts the second door and again falls down a trap. Losing consciousness this time. Sigrid rifles through his belongings and finds 5 platinum in his boots. She sends his pack up to the group as well, before once more pulling the dwarf from the pit. Karina casts a spell, a small flicker of light like a snowflake caught by the sun, circles the air above the dwarf and touches his forehead, Dougland regains consciousness.

Stuck now in this room with two traps and a jammed secret entrance, Sigrid runs her hands over the stone and finds nothing.
Patiently waiting for glorious combat, Baal and Lily stand at the front of the hallway, by where the group came in. They hear scurrying off in the distance and Lilly notices a strange shape in the wall nearby. She pulls the stone to discover an stout treasure chest! Baal helps her hoist it from the hole as she calls everyone over.

The chest is locked and Sigrid gets to work on it. She struggles and eventually opens the box, but not before a needle pierces her hand. The concoction on the needle does not reach deep enough and she does not get poisoned. Inside the chest, Sigrid sees a small gold bracelet, Bone Dice, painted wooden frames with mirrors, a bone rod with draconic runes and a brilliant sapphire, a set of boots made of leaves and wood covered in elven script, and a lot of bling bling. Lily demands to see the contents since she ‘found’ it, the rest of the party looks onwards. The subject of carrying the loot out of the dungeon comes up and Segrid notes she is holding Dougland’s bag. She takes a look inside and finds one ingot of metal. It gleams intensely. She slips it into her pocket and jams the contents of the treasure into the bag. Raskog takes the dice. Fengar identifies the boots as Elven Swiftness and Sigrid eyes them hungrily. The elven on the boots is translated as “Sneaky sneak” and Sigrid takes to equipping them over her feet in the middle of the dungeon.

An explosion casts off in the distance and Sigrid and Karina notice the noise. Fengar and Raskog ask Dougland what the explosions are. He acts like a dick considering everyone just saved his life. Raskog asks if this is where Dougland wound up when running last time.
Baal notices a hidden door and gives it a square punch, opening the secret path to a small office. The party filters in and identified this as the Foreman’s office. A ladies voice comes from the other side of the normal entrance. It appears she is struggling with goblins and Braith comes to the horrific realization that the explosions are from a new contraption called a ‘Gun.’

Sigrid takes a peek outside the door to see what’s going on. She sees an elf’s back with blue tinted hair and leather armor. She is holding a spear and a shield, yelling in elvish at the soldier next to her who is knelt down and aiming down a long brown tube. Explosions rocket out from the tube and ricochet down the hallway at goblins crawling along the walls. The way to the left appears clear and the group could abscond that way without drawing attention.

Raskog realizes the elf as a vigilante from Corlan, her band named “the Mists.” Baal says he wishes to help, Karina says she’s interested as well. Braith agrees and the three run out the door. A new figure, initially out of sight, swings around. Her eyes get wide and she yells “it’s them! It’s them!” The elven woman spins around, immediately identified as the minstrel from the tavern, smiles and looks to the rest and says “Let’s go!” and the party picks up and runs with them. Eventually through winding dark tunnels, the group finds themselves in the Undercity. The elven woman, Emma, states that they will talk later. Specifically to Dougland, she asks that he be present, Braith grips him.

Dougland attempts to escape, breaking Braith’s grip and running straight into the Rogue. She raises her pommel and connects with the dwarfs’ chin, knocking the man flat. Dougland is out cold and Emma sweeps him up, hoisting him over her shoulder as if he weighed nothing, and asks if the party will accompany them back to the tavern. Raskog mentions the dwarf owes them 230 gold. Emma chuckles and the group takes a trip to the Tipper Cattle.

As Emma walks into the tavern the sound stops, she looks at no one in particular and demands “We’re closed, everyone out.” the room empties immediately. No questions asked. Emma slings Dougland over on a table. Raskog takes someone else’s drink and Lily attempts to take a beer too. Karina looks at Emma expectantly and Emma laughs and says “Do what you will, Child.”
Lily takes a swig of the beer that is the size of her head and immediately spits “It’s bitter and gross! EWWWWW. I hate it!!!” The bartender brings Lily a fresh milk to calm her down and regular drinks to everyone else. He hands two to Emma, she drops the first like a pro (ziggy ziggy) and nurses the second, Braith hands out rations to the group and begins entertaining a few mice who have gathered.

Braith puts the packed bag on the table to begin sorting the contents. Raskog mentions feeling under the weather, to which Emma looks him over. Giving a small song from her mother tongue, Raskog feels his lungs filling up with life again and the disease retreating from his body. Sigrid is immediately suspicious, and asks her what she was doing in the mines. Emma explains that she recognized the dwarf as a part of an illicit smuggling ring. She was looking for this particular ring for quite a while. The smugglers have valuables that coarse through the black markets in the undercity. Emma asks the party “Were you able to identify what the deal was?”
Lily speaks up “I think the goblins were selling dead dwarves! They had enough of them!”

Sigrid produces the ingot she took from the dwarves bag, causing a huge reaction out of Emma. She is wide eyed and scared. “Why would dwarves want to trade Mythril with the goblins?”

Meanwhile, Braith is almost dumping the loot bag on the table. Raskog catches on and tells him to stop. Raskog sits with Braith watching on and begins organizing the coins. Braith eventually tries to give some to Emma for her help. She introduces herself to the gnome for the first time and rejects his generous offer. Fengar identifies the rod and bone as a Rod of the Pact Keeper. It allows Raskog to regain a spell slot once per long rest.

Sigrid looks at Fengar and they both look at Lily sitting expectantly at the table. Her guardian spirit long gone she seems innocent again. She peers over the loot excitedly. Sigrid hands the golden bracelet to her.
“Yes! It’s so pretty! Is it magic!?” She asks the two.
Fengar swallows and returns, “Yes! It totally is, it has the power to make your dreams come true!”
“Ohhhhhh! It will bring my parents back to life!?” Lily says immediately putting her entire arm through the bracely that is clearly two or three sizes too big. Fengar fumbles over his words and Sigrid just stares embarassingly. Emma introduces herself to the group as Emaline Skogardotter. She is a bard at this inn, and she introduces her daughter Ingrid who is mute with a scar across her neck. Her other daughter, Rose the halfling, and her husband, Garok the half-orc. They are all members of The Mists.

Lily asks Ingrid about the gun, and gets some generic sign language in response. Rose recognizes that the child doesn’t understand and explains “She says she lost her ability to sing, so she found something to do it for her.” Emma has fastened Dougland to the table and offers rest to the party in the cellar.

Lily brings her milk to the bar and asks Garok “Since we’re now all members of your group does that mean I won’t get thrown out anymore?” Garok grunts dismissively and takes her cup. No one said they were members of the Mist, yet.

Braith is led to a broom by some Mice and uses it to clean up after the group and mice before retiring just like a badger would do had they the tools to do so.

Sigrid peers through a fancy framed mirror and uses it to creep on the party, her suspicions of magic and things other-realm consuming her mind. She’s witnessed most of the party perform some kind of ethereal feats and she thinks long and hard about how she wants to regard them.

Raskog won’t leave the loot table and makes sure to divide it evenly amongst the whole party. Ten gold each, 200 silver and 450 copper. As many a dragon before him, he seems most at home when surrounded by shiny things.

Fengar lights a pipe and begins to unwind before taking a nap downstairs. Seemingly unphased by being thrust into such a dangerous and violent situation. He may even be pleased by how he managed to handle the encounter without hurting anyone.

Karina asks when the last time the building was blessed was. Garok shrugs at her. She begins blessing the store room and casting a religious ritual before she too lays to sleep in the basement.

Night at the Mausoleum
your mother was an alpaca

The scene begins:

In a graveyard: there are no more spooky skeletons. As far as we know. Lily ran home to go to bed. Also she was scared.

Katrina trips over a low tombstone and her headdress falls off. She grabs it, and gets it back on her head before anyone really knows what’s going on and then stands up.

“are you okay?” Raskogg asks
“Yeah I’m fine” Katrina responds, clearly shaken.

Fengarr speaks up: “Well, none of us can find any tracks to follow them, and Sister Bethanine is clearly asleep, so let’s go back to the Tavern for a pint.”

Karina: “I don’t think she’d mind us waking her up to tell her we killed a bunch of skeletons”

There persists a debate about whether to go back to the Tavern or wake up sister Bethanine. Meanwhile it’s determined that the Shadowfell is a pretty bad place and we should probably avoid going there.

“What if… Sister Bethanine… is… at the Tavern?” Raskogg suggests.
Karina points out the temple thing is probably open all night because there are night Gods.

Karina starts towards the shield of all Faiths to find whoever is on guard duty; Fenngar keeps talking about how he wants a beer.
Ultimately, everyone follows her, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

They get back to the Shrine of the Shield of All Faiths; the gate is closed and there are two heavily armed guards standing at the door, in full regalia from two separate religious orders.
HALT. What is your business here.”
Karina lights up her holy symbol, and steps forward.
“We are here for sister Bethanine”
“and what is your business with the High Executor?”
“Uh, she sent us on an errand… she said to keep it under wraps.”
“oh. That sounds important!” The second guard nods knowingly.
“Well, she stays up pretty late, so she might not be asleep yet. Knock twice.”

They walk up to her room (clearly labeled!) and knock twice.
“Who’s there?” comes a voice
- conversation ensues: Karina gives information about skeletons, mentions they were from the shadowfell, gets information about likely locations of the portal in the Graveyard.
we learn: There’s one Mausoleum in particular that she thinks would be a likely location, and then, asked for directions, gets out a map of the graveyard.
It is huge. It spills off the table, number codes corresponding to lists of names all around the edges. -
They set off! Karina asks to stop at her shrine before we attempt to enter the Shadowfell, because she wants to ask for her god’s help.
[short rest]
They go back to the graveyard, heading towards the mausoleum.
Immediately, Karina hears a noise. She turns, her face shining it’s tattoo-light on… A DISGUSTING SKELETON HORSE CREATURE WITH A HUMAN SKELETON RIDING ON IT, about 100 feet away.
The adventurers continue towards it; it charges.

:fight fight fight fight:

Braith runs in, gets about 10 feet and notices TWO OTHER skelly horses, about equidistant from them. He shouts! and readies his axe like a hooligan knocking off mailboxes, aiming at it’s knees.
Sigrid runs up and hits it! with her rapier! very hard.
One kellyhorse attack braith (who swings and misses, but so do they The height difference was too much) And then one also takes a pot shot at the glowing person.

Karina looks runs up next to Braith, looks straight up so that her holy symbol is facing up, and then pheeeeewww explodes in light.
Two the skeletons immediately explode, and one of the horses.
Raskogg, blinking, misses his target after attempting to shoot the now-riderless horse
Fenngarr tosses a handful of seeds on the ground between the two skellicreatures, and thorny vines sprout at un-natural speeds, wrapping one of them up in their tendrils. The other sidesteps a few times and manages to not be immobilized.
Sigrid attacks the tangled horse and kills it, it disappears: the skeleton on top of it lands on it’s feet, looking as surprised as a skeleton can look. Sigrid attacks it too, and (even more surprised!) it disappears.
Karina Misses, and then Raskogg misses.
Fengarr speaks a healing word. Bird is the word. Karina is healed! Fengarr does a little shimmy.
Braith hits the horse’s knees, but it doesn’t fall over, because it can stand on three legs fine.
Sigrid kills it, expertly hitting between all the bones. It makes xylophone noises, then falls into a heap and disappears.

cake break! also we watched an SNL short -

They continue to the mausoleum, not encountering any more spooky skeletons on the way. Or skeletons of any kind. Except for the ones in the ground but that was expected.

When they come across the mausoleum, the door is open. Raskogg detects magic and does not notice anything.

They enter the mausoleum. It’s elaborately carved to an entire pantheon, of 13 gods. It appears that the person who is interred there wasn’t particularly devout, and instead tried to just cover his bases as well he could when it came to planning for the afterlife.

There is nothing out of the ordinary. There are, however, some stairs.

They descend the stairs, Karina leading the way. She turns the corner, her face-light lighting up the room, revealing a large sarcophagus, with another sarcophagus behind it. On the other side of the room, there’s a an entrance to another hallway; at the entrance are two large minotaur skeletons, unmoving.
Sigrid checks for traps; finds nothing. She does see the skeletons though, they are spooky.

Raskogg blasts one
Sigrid runs in and hits one. It hits her back
Karina sacred flames. The other one charges straight at Karina.

:fight fight fight:
jokes about blowing bones. bone zone.
more fighting
Call the minotaur skellington’s mother an alpaca

ONE OF THE SKELETONS DIE and doesn’t disappear. The other one dies and does disappear. Sigrid is standing by the undisappeared skeleton, picks up a bone and throws it. As it hits the middle of the room, it disappears. Sigrid crosses back into the material plane.

And then the players all go to bed.

Crepes the Owlbear
They don't have shovels in the Shadowfell

So how do we destroy the portal?

Fengar explains –
“When a wizard, or a sorceror if you prefer, loves magic very much… they have enough experience to cast a 9th level spell”

We have two options: Destroy the room, or dispel the portal. However dispelling would take a 9th level spell and we can’t do that.

We argue for it a bit. Fengar thinks maybe we could just lock the door on the Shadowfell side.

But then someone could just get a key and unlock it!

So then we all argue for a while and Fengar collapses the Shadowfell doorway and we go back to the tickling cricket (arguing all the way)

Long Rest

Braith takes some coffee.

Karina goes back to the shield of all faiths to go talk to Sister Bethanine. Everyone goes with.

Fenngar whines about having to leave his pancake behind so Karina tells him he has to take it with.
So he does.

“Okay, I’m going”
(walking motions)
“This is me walking”
(walking motions)
“I’ve got my shield out. It’s all shiney "
(motions to invisible shield)

Sister Bethanine’s office

:knock knock knock:
Bethanine opens the door

“Good morning!” Karina says “We found the portal!”
“Oh! you did!”
“Yeah it was in the mausoleum of Benjamin Geraldson. We don’t have the power to dispel it, and the only way to destroy it would be to destroy the entire building. We blocked the entrance on the Shadowfell side, but thought you’d "
“Oh okay. How did you close the shadowfell side?”
Fengar explains the tunnel collapse in detail.

Bethanine tells us that we can’t collapse the mausoleum, and that we can consider the task done.

brief interlude in which we argue about Sisco

Karina argues that the safety of this world is more important than the memory of single rich man.
Bethanine says something like, ‘if it’s safe as it is we should leave it be’
Karina’s not totally convinced.

Lily turns to Karina: “You have a moral stake in this situation, what do you think we should do”
Everyone is impressed because she’s spent the last 5 words in the corner trying to pronounce ‘malevolent’.

They decide they’re gonna take the gold and leave.

Bethanine lets us know that she doesn’t have the money right now, but instead she’ll post some guards on it for a night and if no more undead come through then we get paid.

Braith suggests they go get brunch at the new crepe place that he heard about.

Karina is taken aback.

Braith is confused. “What else are we going to do with our time while we wait to get paid?”

Karina suggests that we go take the mithril bar back to the smith.

Raskogg says that he wants waffles.

Arguments ensue.

Raskogg suggests that we buy the tickling cricket, evict everyone, and turn it into an IHOP.
Fengar confirms that we are from several different continents. “It would definitely be an international house”

More arguments about pancakes.

It is decided we will go find captain handsome. (Lamolin)

Braith gets a street crepe. Braith is pleased. Then he bites it and it tastes really bad. Which is a bummer but he doesn’t say anything out of principle.

Lily notices that there are some people that just start screaming. She grabs Karina’s skirt hem and starts tugging aggressively.

Eventually the group turns and sees an owlbear running down the street and people just screaming and running to get out of the way.

It’s running down the street with a mouthful of streetfood.

Braith runs after it.
Raskogg, realizing that owlbears are nocturnal and also it’s strange that it’s eating streetfood and not people the people around it, thinks “Maybe it escaped from the circus!” and uses prestidigitation to make circus noises behind it.

A short chase ensues, but it immediately becomess apparent that the owlbear is too fast.

Raskogg realizes they can cut it off, and gets the party to follow him. The turn to a side street and run some more. In a moment the Owlbear passes them.

Braith SPRINGS into action! Jumping onto the owlbear’s back.
Raskogg casts an illusion of a dragon, startling it dramatically,
Fengar casts entangle, which catches it for a moment before breaking free.

Braith tries to calm it down, for some reason it responds to his small animal chittering. After a moment more, it calms down, the panic leaving its body. He tries to feed it his crepe but it just holds it in his mouth, with the kabob that’s already there.

Fengar realizes that it probably has a mate nearby.

a small discussion ensues, trying to decide what to do with the owlbear now. “Do you think it’ll go back to it’s mate?”

A couple of guards round a corner, and stop surprised. “How did you stop it?”
Braith sits up “SSHHH IT’S MY FRIEND
“oh okay we’ll keep our voices down. We’ve been chasing it all the way from academy isle.”
The guard explains that a pair of owlbear escaped have been running around. “Do you think you could get it back?”
Lily looks him up and down appraisingly. “How much can you give us?” The guard looks affronted.
“Well, I, I can’t give you anything, but I’m sure the academy will be more than happy to…”
Lily nods, cutting him off imperiously. “Done.”

An argument ensues about how to get the owlbear back to the island.

the end (for now) -
The Miracle of Life
How I learned to stop worrying and love the bear

Lily got distracted and ran into a comic book shop where she saw and read a goofy comic about her favorite band Saving Throw having an adventure in a spooky house that ended with them appeasing the house by playing a TOTALLY BRUTAL OFF THE CHAINS concert

Braith casts speak with animals as a ritual which involves metaphorically taking on the persona of an owlbear through dance, while maintaining unflinching eyecontact with the creature. Towards the end of the dance Braiths high-pitched hooting becomes lower and lower, and begins to take on tones that seem impossible.

They have a short conversation.
“Yes, Friend. Find Lady?”
owlbear is confused. “Don’t understand.”
“Your Mate. Can we find her?”
“Know where. Must return.”
“Yes. We can help you find a better place.”
“Can help”
“Yes, need trust”

THEY START MARCHING OFF without saying anything and everyone else just has to follow.

“no no we’re a circus don’t worry!” from Karina doesn’t manage to persuade some concerned onlookers

They head to the academy on the island, and travel for several hours.

The owlbear leads them into the mouth of a cave that’s about 100 feet below the lighthouse on a cliff-face on the island.

They pause momentarily, Karina casts light on a rock.

Seeing the light, another owlbear in the back corner of the cave, stands up threateningly, to which the accompanying owlbear responds with some conciliatory hoots. She looks concerned at Braith riding her mate. Braith feels awkward and gets off.

A brief discussion ensues about what to do with the owlbears. Fengar asks, “What are we doing with these owlbears?”
Braith turns “Find them a better home!”
Raskog asks, “Why?”
Karina offers: “Because they’re too close to the city.”
Braith has an idea: “We could take them to undercity and train them to eat goblins!”

During this discussion, Sigurd and Fengar hear some footsteps outside. They look at each other. Sigrid says, “There are people outside” and attempts melts into the many shadows, but instead just ducks behind Braith. Fengar raises his hand, wiggles his fingers and casts a spell. There’s a loud curse from outside the cave, as the ground beneath the intruders becomes difficult terrain.

A few humans wielding bows step into the cave mouth, stepping gingerly over the difficult ground. One of them fires at the male owlbear, the other two fire at Raskogg and Fengar.

The owlbear falls asleep, drugged.

Thinking quickly, Karina throws her light near them to plunge the back of the cave in darkness. She raises her hand and bathes the leader in sacred flame. As he’s engulfed in the light, she demands, “DON’T SHOOT AT THE OWLBEARS!”
‘These are our prize!’ he returns. (they are obviously poachers.)
Braith is pissed and hits one pretty hard. Two more thugs step in and hit back, Braith growls and appears to be much less hurt than he should be, eyes misting red.
Fengar reaches into the earth and communes with the dormant plants deep in the rock, which are overcome with urge to seek light, and grow uncontrollably around the thugs. Several of them are quickly bound with vines.
Sigrid doesn’t even have a Gnome to hide behind anymore. She shrugs this off, and just nonchalantly walks up to the nearest mace-wielding intruder and stabs him in the stomach. He looks shocked, at his seeping wound – an advantage she takes to stab him in the throat. He’s swallowed by the vines.
Raskogg zaps one of the guys who shot him. It hurts him, both in body and his feelings. He didn’t realize “Big Scary-looking guy” was a caster and now he’s wrapped in vines and the scary guy is standing at a distance and shooting at him, which feels really unfair.

Emboldened by Panic, one of the thugs burst free from the vines, dodges a swipe from Braith’s axe, and runs for the entrance. Struggling through the vines, he barely makes it to the entrance of the cave.
Another gives a cry of grief and shoots a bolt at Sigrid, which finds its mark.
Karina walks, gingerly over to the owlbear and lays a hand on it. A quick prayerbrings light from her hand into the beast, and it wakes up. It looks at the arrow sticking in it, and looks at the men wielding bows.
Tripping over the vines, Braith misses a swing at a thug.
Fengar makes a cat shadow-puppet with his hands. It’s unclear where the light is coming from, the shadow lands on Sigrid. She seems somehow instantly more lithe and graceful.
Moving fluidly, she stabs another dude in the gut.
The owlbear stands up. It gathers it’s strength, and it charges, foaming at the beak, at the man who shot it. He swipes at his chest and pecks him in the head; the man collapses hard.
Fengar shoots the man who’s running, piercing him throw with a sizzling bolt of magic. The man falls dead.

A couple of the men shoot at Braith.
Karina again bathes a man in sacred flame. He is cleansed, but only a little.
Another shoots at Sigrid.
While he’s turn, Braith axes him in the back. He dies.
Sigrid runs after the running man; the only one left alive. She stabs him and gives him a good slice, but he’s not quite dead, until -
The owlbear lumbers up behind her, and gently nudges her aside, to swipe at the last poacher. he’s very dead.

As soon as the last one falls, the ears of the owlbear perk up and he runs over to his mate. She’s GIVING BIRTH RIGHT NOW! in a few minutes there is a tiny, tiny, hairless owlbear. It’s pretty ugly.
Briath: “What are we gonna name it?”
Fengar: “Douglin!”

We end: In a small cave in a cliff below a lighthouse, with a single babby owlbear and its proud parents. We gain 300 experience; everyone is at 1717 XP.

Barnaby goes Northwest
he's a baby owlbear and he's adorable

We’re in a cave with an owlbear who just gave birth and it’s mate! And the baby.

Fengar examines the baby owlbear, and pronounces it healthy, and reassures the party that it will become cuter in a couple of days.

We have an argument about whether to feed the dead poachers to the obviously near-starving owlbears.

Bran suggests the idea, Karina is strongly against it, as is Fengar.

We eventually decide to conduct religious rites for the dead poachers and then butcher one slightly charred corpse and make it smell like chicken or pork or something not interesting or tasty and feed and/or leave it for the owlbear to eat.

corpse tree

Where are we going to take the owlbears?
Bran does his owlbear-talking-dance and asks them where they want to go; since they can’t stay here. They say “Home” but are not clear where that is – the academy was not bad, but the female in particular would like to go to the mountains.

After some discussion it’s determined that we will take them to their natural habitat where they belong – the mountains. How far along that route we accompany them is yet to be seen, but we at least need to smuggle them out of the city.

The baby owlbear acquires the name “Barnaby”

Raskogg is going to call on some some contacts to get us a boat, so we can smuggle the owlbears out from the cave.
BUT – we don’t get paid for the graveyard job until tomorrow morning.

We’re going to rent a boat, smuggle the owlbears to a smuggler cave nearby, go back into the city for your reward, and then take the owlbears to the mountain tomorrow.

So everyone pitches in 5 gold (This include Ant) for Sigrid and Raskogg to go to Raskogg’s smuggling contacts to rent the H.M.S. Legitimate Business. When darkness falls they bring the boat around and we load the owlbears into the boat, and then take them to a cave outside the city.
Karina (and I guess Lily) goes to get more legitimate sustenance for the owlbears, and a little bit of extra for the party.
At around 9 PM they bring the boat around, and execute the plan flawlessly. Braith sleeps with the owlbears in the cave, The others are awakened by a messenger that arrives at the Tickling Cricket from Sister Bethanine saying that they didn’t find any skeletons, and hands Raskogg a bag of 300 gold, which is promptly divided amongst the party.

Raskogg gets 18 gold back from the tickling cricket, everyone puts on their warmest clothes and we set off for the mountains!

It takes about a week to get to the mountains; the entire valley from here to there is settled.
It’s a pretty uneventful trip. We leave the owlbears

Day 6. We’re about a day from the mountains, and we actually come to a village. They’re pretty far and few between out here, days 4 and 5 are spent camping outside (uneventfully)

We’re approached by a half elf who introduces himself as Sidilic, a biologist. He explains that there’s a research station nearby that lost contact with the academy and he needs us to go up there, retrieve the research, and bring it back to him for 400 gold. Getting really sketchy vibes, although with no reason to believe he is lying, Karina and Raskogg share a skeptical glance. It’s pretty clear that Karina really doesn’t like him.
After some discussion and haggling we get 25% up front to go up the very dangerous research station where Sidilic assumes everyone is dead. And also everything we might run into will probably kill us.
So it’ll be fine. It’s fine. Everythings fine.

And we’re leveling up! yaaay

Owlbears go home
Bumbles Bounce! or they would if they didn't burn

We’re in a town in the mountains, tasked with going to a research station and retrieving the research therein.

We’re about two days from the mountains; so a bit more than two days from the research station. After some deliberation it’s decided we’ll take a full day to rest here in town, taking on full day to be safe and warm before embarking fully into the wild. Fengar spends three hours in the woods gathering herbs and stuff, after a quick blessing from Karina. Then he brews a potion of healing.

Braith goes looking for little buddies. After an hour of searching he manages to find a squirrel that doesn’t immediately run. “Got any Nuts?” he asks. After a little conversation Braith finds nothing of any kind of use. He hangs out with the squirrel for about 6 hours. Mostly he finds out that carts are scary, there are lots of big rocks, and also lots of trees.

Karina goes to a shrine to Gefjun and burns some incense and meditates to commune with her God. She makes a gold over the course of the day from people asking for blessings, noticing that her face is glowing like it’s on fire and presuming (correctly) that she is a holy person.

Raskogg hangs out with Sidellac and drinks with him. He manages to not pay for any of the drinks. He finds out the Research Station was staffed by about 15 people total, between a couple wizards, a handful of students, and another handful of facilities staff. He also finds out that the entrance is to the station is a talking door.

Sigrid spends the day hanging around the tavern. She practices a couple sleight of hand tricks and gets bored of just practicing so invites a couple people to play betting games with her, from which she makes one Gold. While doing this she keeps them entertained with stories of a creature she made up called the skubb, native to Stora Esos. It’s kind of like a woolly mammoth in her stories, alternating frightening and interesting by turns.

Lili has been playing cat’s cradle non-stop for about four days. She continues to play cat’s cradle. We’ve noticed after a bit that she doesn’t need the same cold weather gear that everyone else does. It seems a little unfair that she can just hang out in a short sleeved shirt.


The leave the next day and trek out. It’s cold and flat (although still slightly inclined) and uneventful for two days, camping out for two days in a couple of tents, a makeshift leanto, and a little hole with some rabbits in it. Karina casts light on a10 foot long piece of rope and sets it up in a circle hanging from some trees.

On the third day the ground starts to be noticeably sloped upward. About mid-morning it’s pretty clear that they’ve reached the mountains. They stop for the morning, and Braith does his owlbear-dance. The owlbears watch and wait for him to speak like an intelligent thing. His dance finishes. “Have you enjoyed your journey?”
“Yes it is good to be out in the air, away from the smoke. We forgot how our noses worked, but now we remember”
Braith nods, knowingly. “I think that is time to part ways now. Unless you would like to continue traveling with us.”
“No, we need to raise our child ourselves.”
Braith and the owlbears hug, little Barnaby is adorable.

The party travels for another several hours. About mid-day they come to a rope bridge, about 30 feet long, above about a 150 foot drop. It’s very windy and the rope bridge is being tossed about; the sky is dark. It looks like a storm is brewing.

The bridge looks very much like a cart couldn’t cross it. Raskogg looks around. “We must have missed our turn, right? How do the carts get to the station?”
Sigrid looks around. There are some cart marks, of a cart turning around, and depressions like of boxes. “I think this is where the carts stopped. It looks like a drop off point.”
“Damn wizards” Raskogg swears.
Fengarr turns into a cat and runs across.
Braith ties a rope to himself and hands the end to Karina, who touches his head and says a blessing. Then he runs across. A strong wind nearly blows him off the bridge, at which he grips the ropes and holds on for dear life. When he gets to the end, he realizes that the rope attaching the bridge to the far end is badly burned; it looks like it will only hold one more person until it breaks. Braith yells this to his companions.
They conferr. Raskogg wonders out loud if Karina can mend with magic – she can! But she’s at the wrong side of the bridge. He yells to Braith and Fengarr.
“You should reinforce the bridge! Tie it to the stays, so if the rope breaks it doesn’t collapse!” Braith nods. Fengarr pulls his rope out of his bag and ties a series of fancy knots.

Karina starts to cross. About halfway across, Fenngar notices that an icicle on a nearby tree is… unfolding it wings. It screeches.

Raskogg notices Fenngar flinch. “There are three of them!” he yells, his keen lizard eyes noticing things that no one else has paid any attention to. He fades abruptly out of sight, fading back in on the other side of the chasm. He runs forward and takes a deep breath in, filling his chest cavity with air, and then ROARS A CONE OF FLAME at the ice creatures. One of them is heavily melted.

Karina reaches the end of the bridge. She hears a howl, like a blizzard. “It’s a Yeti!” Fenngar says to her. She stares at him, and then extends her hands and shoots three rays of fire, one at each mephit. One falls to the ground in a pool of water, the other two are either collapsed or have holes straight through them.

A mephit flies at Karina, past Fenngar, cackling at him evilly on the way. It swipes it’s claws at Karina, at which a BURST OF LIGHT blinks, blinding it briefly. It spins around, confused, and misses.

Sigrid runs across the bridge, stabbing the confused mephit in the back. It bursts into a cloud of tiny ice crystals which hang in the air for a second, a bit of steam rising from the middle, and then gently drifts down to the ground, glittering brightly.

Braith runs up to the last mephit and swings at it but misses.

Fenngar flaps his arms as if he’s a giant bird, and a gust of wind blows the mephit five feet away from him. He listens for the Yeti: it’s through the trees. He runs in the opposite direction.

… Immediately after this, the yeti comes barrelling out of the trees and takes a swipe at the first thing it sees, shattering the ice mephit into a thousand pieces in a puff of snow. Swinging its arm back, it catches its fist and buffets Raskogg heavily in the chest.


Raskogg pulls out a longsword and swings at it; winded, he misses. He fades out of sight, and rematerializes by Karina and Sigrid.

Karina talks a few steps the side, and throws out a cone of flames from her hands, fingers of flame spreading out and grasping at the Yeti. The fire catches the yeti full on in the face. It SCREAMS in fear and pain.
The trees are also now a little bit singed.

Sigrid runs up to it; burying her rapier in it’s side and swiping at it with her longsword, blood wells up from the puncture wound.

Braith casts a wall of illusory flame, near the yeti and howls. It backs away.

Fengarr entangles the Yeti. It’s mad now.
It stares at Braith with it’s chilling, evil eyes and Braith stares back, rejecting whatever thing it was trying to do, which only makes it angier.
Raskogg shoots it with Eldritch Blast.
Karina spreads her hands out again, fingers of flame reaching out for the Yeti and again catching it on fire. It howls again.
Sigrid stabs it in the face! it’s basically dead now.
Then Braith chops off its head.

Karina mends the bridge.

We go check out its lair because why not, and we find the remains of other travelers. It’s toasty and warm, but full of bones and also, coincidentally, a passel of treasure!
3800 copper,
1800 silver
130 gold pieces,
7 moonstone,
4 Chrysoprase,
a potion of Heroism (10 Temp HP for 1 hour)
a potion of Invulnerability that has a big star on the side with eyes (Resistance to all damage to one minute)
a scroll of polymorph – you can turn one target into something of equal or lower challenge rating.
a scroll of scrying
a sentinel shield; with a picture of a lidless eye (gives advantage to perception and initiative rolls)
mace of warning (an ornate mace; grants advantage on initiative checks and anyone who’s carrying it and anyone within 30 feet are unable to be surprised)
hat of disguise (a little magic hat, that gives the wearer the ability to cast disguise self at-will with unlimited charges. It transforms everything about you except for the hat; if you take the hat off the spell goes away.)
+1 rapier

and Air.

We take a short rest
Fengarr casts goodberry and distributes them; the party begins to flesh out a business plan for producing Goodberry Wine.

Lily puts the hat on and transforms her face into her mother’s face. She looks into a sheet of ice and cries.

After the short rest we continue along the path to the tower. The path continues up along the cliff face. The view is really beautiful! Everything is sparkling and covered in snow. Lily shimmers a little bit, the air around her wavering with heat.

We’re really high. Altitudinously.

Lily makes Raskogg carry her on his back. Then she takes a nap.

Approaching a small landing, we hear a small, elderly voice calling, “help! Help!”

Lily starts freaking out; we have to help him. Sigrid turns to Braith. “Climb!”

Braith is a little shaky at first but easily climbs the cliff face in about 30 seconds.
Lily yells “Throw him down! We’ll catch him!”
He’s in a big ’ol birds nest. He grabs the old gnome, straps him to his back, and rappels down the cliff face.

“There was a big egg up there” Braith says.
Sigrid says, “you should’ve thrown it down.”
She turns to the gnome. “Whose nest was that?”
The gnome turns. “THEIRS!” and points at a pair of griffons swooping down.

A debate ensues. “Maybe we can convince them we don’t mean them any harm” Sigrid suggests. The party looks at Braith. He shakes his head. The Griffons are getting closer. They run. The Griffons don’t give chase.

As they become clear of the danger and the adrenaline wears off, Raskogg has a realization: Griffon eggs are worth a lot of money. “We have to go back!” He says, urgently.
“What, why?”
“We need that egg.”
“No.” Fengarr interjects, adamantly. “The egg stays where it is.” His eyes blaze. Raskogg opens his mouth, starting to form some rationalization, and thinks better of it.

Meanwhile, Braith gets the gnome untied from his back.
They learn that his name is BoJack and he lives around here. Lily asks him if he knows about the yeti.
“The Yeti is my neighbor!” he replies.
“We Killed it!” Lily exclaims. " Oh. Well that one isn’t my neighbor."
Karina steps in to the conversation, as the gnome is getting increasingly confused at the rising tide of Lily’s chatter.
“We’re here to check on the wizards in the wizard’s tower. Do you know where that is?”
“Oh yes! They’re just over there.”
“Do you know what happened to them?”
“Oh, well… no? Adventurers come up here, and I don’t always see them again. It’s a dangerous mountain!”

“Do you have any candy?” Lily asks?
it is established that he doesn’t have any candy, and in fact there isn’t any candy. Lily throws a temper tantrum.

It starts to storm pretty violently. It becomes pretty clear that without Bojack, we’d be very lost; but he knows his way easily.

It’s very cold. The party’s extremities start to tingle with cold.

Shortly, the party gets to the other side of the mountain. They view clears; revealing the land beyond – except there is no land. There is just sky and cloud.
“Hm! What a nice view” Bojack says.
Fenngar and Raskogg share a look. “That… looks like the elemental plain of air.” They pause for a moment, considering the implications of this confluence. A cloud breaks, revealing a floating island before reforming and hiding it again.
“Well, theres the tower!” Bojack says, ruining the moment slightly. Fenngar shrugs; the part walks on.
As they approach the tower, something seems strange about it. Fenngar stares at the tower. Something is wrong, but he can’t put his finger on what it is. After a moment, he realizes… the towers seems… split? It’s like there are two towers, superimposed over each other, and the edges are just not quite matching up. Sigrid voices this observation aloud; she’s noticed it as well.

As they approach the door, the doors eyes open. “Hello!” The door says
“HI!” says Lily.
“How are you!”
“We’re fine” Raskogg cuts Lily off, who’s about to start an extended conversation with the door. “It’s cold. Can we come in?”
The door stutters. “Y-you can, if you do the right thing”
as the door speaks, some runes start glowing to the side of it. They say “Fire” in Draconic.
Raskogg reads them out loud. “Fire!” he says
“What about it?” the door says.
Raskogg breaths fire at the door. Splashing fire everywhere.
The door starts giggling, “Hahahaha! That tickles!” it’s a little creepy.
Raskogg stops breathing.

We argue with the door for a bit; eventually we learn that we have to get the door to say the word “Fire.”
Raskogg says, “Say Fire.”
“Fire!” the door says, and swings open.

we were ghosts the whole time

We’re back at the tower!

We enter the tower.

As soon as the door opens a burst of hot air hits the faces of the party. It’s dark inside.

Karina casts light on her mace, revealing a smallish room. There’s a door ajar on the other side of the room which appears to be the kitchen, with a pantry adjoining it, There’s a closet opposite, and stairs going up. No people.

Bojack wanders in after us: “I always wondered what this place looked like on the inside.” Braith notices a faint smell of Gryphon dung wafting from the other gnome. He raises his eyebrow, then turns into the room and shouts, “Hello?” there’s no answer.

Raskogg detects magic; there’s a hint of conjuration magic in the air, but he can’t tell if it’s just from Wizards living there year-round or if it’s from something that happened recently.

Karina opens the closet-looking door. Nothing explodes. There’s an umbrella in it, incongruously, but mostly boots and winter gear. Lily finds the biggest pair and jumps in them. She continues to wear them.

Sigrid walks into the kitchen, looking through the spices for any cinnamon. She notices that the kitchen is well organized – it’s not kept by serving staff. There’s some food that has begun to go bad but most of the meat is salted and hung. No produce though. She pockets the cinnamon. Braith pops up behind her and pulls a jar off the shelf, blindly. He opens it; its pickled radishes. He eats some and shares it with Sigrid. Continuing to rummage, she deduces they were probably get near the bottom of their supplies; waiting for the next shipment which never came. She realizes the corner looks a little funny. There would be a space there, under the stairs – looking closer she finds a door hidden in the wall. It’s locked, but she can’t find a key. So instead she tries to pick the lock. She pulls out her thieves tools and works at it for a bit, but is unable to get it to open. “Yeah I think we’re going to have to find the key; I can’t get this open” Braith slams his body into the wall. It hurts. Karina starts looking around for a key. She finds a couple of spice bottles in weird places, and some oregano under a false bottom in a drawer, but no key.

Fengarr starts to lose patience with this, and steps outside to have a chat with the door. The door opens his eyes. “Oh Hello There!”
“Hi Door!”
“Where were you guys I lost track of you!”
“Oh we were just inside”
“Oh that’s great I’ve never been in there! How is it!”
“Oh it’s warm”
WARM! I don’t know what warm feels like”
“Oh well, it’s like tickling.”
“Oh yeah. Hey, so we’re trying to open a door in the kitchen do you know how to open it?”
“A door? What’s his name?”
“Uh… Gary Latchman. What’s your name?”
“Oh hi Flimdah. Do you know Gary Latchman?”
“No I’ve never met him. I bet we’ll be best friends!”

A conversation ensues; Fengar breaks off the conversation and walks back inside “Hey Guys the door doesn’t know anything!”
Everyone else is still looking around the kitchen. Fengarr thinks for a second, and has an idea. He asks the door to open by ‘name’, in deepspeech.
When he finishes he realizes everyone else is staring at him, wide-eyed at the terrible, horrifying noises he’d been making. Raskogg asks “Hey buddy… Still a pacifist?” Karina offers him a pickle.
They continue looking a little longer, Fengar moving to the close to rummage through some pockets. he finds six silver pieces and some lint. He leaves the silver, but takes the lint.
“We should go upstairs” He yells into the kitchen. Braith jumps down off the counter, jar of pickles on hand “Yes lets”

They go upstairs

It’s a library. There’re six large, full length bookcases, all full of books. Karina looks over some bindings and pulls one of a shelf. It’s dated; it’s very specific log book of wind patterns.

Lily finds a book about the elemental plain of air. Sigrid gets everyone’s attention “Guys…”
In a couple of a chairs there’s the remains of two humans in robes. Fengarr walks over. “Those seem to be about two months old. It doesn’t match the timeline the door gave me of the last time someone entered the tower.”
“Can you tell why they died?” Sigrid asks.
Raskogg looks at the bodies; still detecting magic. He doesn’t get anything conclusive, just a stronger sense of the same magic

Fengar remembers that we’re here looking for some papers. He looks through some of the books and papers; it doesn’t seem like this is where the new research is. This is just a reference library.

Lily grabbed a loose pen and started drawing smiley faces in a random tome that was open near the dead bodies.

Fengar checks their pockets for a key. He finds three gold pieces, and a key! He’s pretty sure it’s not the right key though. Raskogg looks over his shoulder and confirms – there’s no magic on the key.

Sigrid starts poring over the shelves or anything that seems like it doesn’t belong. She finds something that doesn’t quite mesh – one of the open books on one of the tables is a text on the elemental planes. It’s open to the elemental plain of fire. There are some notes and highlights.
“Why would they be researching the elemental plane of fire?” thinking about how this research station is here specifically to research air.
Lily perks up at the mention of fire.
Raskogg turns to him. “BALE why are they researching the elemental plane of fire.”
Lilies eyes roll back briefly and a figure materializes above her. “What why would I know that!!”
He thinks for a second, realizing the tower is giving him a strong feeling of nostalgia. He mentions that, he and sigrid think about it for a second and then they realize:
Warmth. The warmth of this tower was because the wizards had somehow tapped into the elemental plain of fire.
“Well heat rises so we have to go down” Bale says. “We need that key” Sigrid agrees.
They search. They don’t find anything.
Braith finds a nice illustrated bestiary, and Fengarr finds, shoved between some books, a scroll of burning hands. He looks at it and hands it to Karina. She looks really excited.

After searching, they’ve failed to locate the key.

They go up the stairs, and come to another landing. This one has a door at the top. It’s locked. Fengarr looks pleased with himself and pulls out a key. It doesn’t fit. Raskogg starts berating the door while Sigrid pulls out her thieves tools and picks the lock. It clicks; she pushes the door. It swings open.

On the other side of the door, there is a master bedroom. It’s a quite nice. Braith gets super excited at the sight of the plush 9X3 rug and starts rolling it up. Sigrid looks at him. “It’s not going to fit in the bag of holding!” she objects. Braith pauses. “I’ll carry it then!” He does so. Lily, however, makes a beeline for the unmade king-sized bed and starts jumping on it.
To the side of the bed is a sitting-table and a desk with a chair. Fengarr goes to look at the desk and finds a locked drawer, and flags down Sigrid. She picks the lock, and jimmies the drawer open. A ball of fire explodes out of the drawer into their faces. Braith hides behind the rug; Raskogg raises an eyebrow.
In the drawer is an amulet and 100 gold. Sigrid puts the gold into the bag of holding and hands the amulet to Raskogg. He looks at it a little bit, and realizes it’s like a puzzle; he slides a couple panels and twists and it pops open: Inside is a key. Sigrid asks for the amulet back. She hides her platinum pieces in it and puts it on.
Fengarr asks for some heals. He gets them.
They’re pretty sure they’ve found everything from this room. “Do we go down now that we have the key? or up?”
Fengar looks up. “There should be just one more floor.” Sigrid nods.

They go up. The landing is to the side this time; it’s a room full of doors. Braith attempts to greet them; none of them respond. Everyone looks at him. “Where do we start?” Lily asks. Sigrid opens the door on the left. A wave of rotting smell bursts out. It’s very smelly. Karina, holding a scarf over her face, walks briskly into the room and opens the window. it helps a little.
There are two rotting bodies, one each in a pair of beds. Braith starts wrapping them in a sheet. Karina’s mace starts humming right as Braith starts wrapping the first body. She looks over – the slumped over body is looking at Braith. She gasps. It looks at her, eyes glowing red, and bursts into flames.
Lily, having heard the alarm runs in; Bale fully materialized above her. She punches it in the face, Bale’s arm mirroring her own. As his fist connects, he feels a familar heat.
Fengarr casts a spell, with a shout. “There are four more zombies”
Karina calls on her God and shoots burst of white flame at the zombie that Bale punched. Immediately afterward Fengar shoots it with a blast of eldritch magic.
Sigrid springs into action, cutting of the wrapped zombies head and then quickly stabbing the other through the face. They both die. The sitting one dies and slumps over; then it sits back up again. Braith leaps over sigrid and slices it open. It’d be pretty gross, if it had a brain.

Bojack cowers in a corner. “Oh nooooo!”

Two of the doors in the hall BURST OPEN and a pair of zombies flail wildly at Fengar and Raskogg. Bale tuns and shouts a kia, Lily mirroring his motions and also shouting. a burst of radiant energy flies at the zombies. Fengarr runs away, and yells in primordial at the zombie. It seems confused for a moment, but not likely to stop attacking.

There’s a fight here that I didn’t pay that close attention to. We kill some zombies.

Notable points: Fengarr asks a zombie why they are there. “Feeed” it responds in primordial. Fengar realizes it means feed like, feed a fire.

Braith throws the zombies out the window after they kill them and the door starts yelling back.
“Hey! Hey! What’s going on! They don’t usually come out that way!”
“It’s fine everything is fine!” Lily yells back
“Are they okay?”
“Yeah it’s fine” and shuts the door.


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