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    h2. Adventures in Niflalfheimr Wiki h5. *Player Characters* * [[:braith-mosswyck | Braith Mosswyck]] * [[:fenngar | Fenngar the Antiquary]] * [[:karina | Karina]] * [[:lady-liliana-vastion-the-3rd | Lady Liliana Vastion the 3rd]] / [[:baal | Baal]] …

  • Stora Esos

    The country of Stora Esos is 40,000 sq miles (about the size of Iceland). A majority of Stora Esos is surrounded by water and small islands. These islands run the length of the cost making navigation in and out of Stora Esos difficult for larger ships. …

  • Sigrid (Kalmar) Geldef

    Sigrid comes from Stora Esos a country without magic. Her family the Kalmar's our merchants who own the largest shipping company in Stora Esos, called The Trade Circle. At 18 Sigrid married a wealthy banker. This was an arranged marriage that benefited …

  • Råskog

    Råskog is a red dragon that wishes he was gold He wishes he had a horde he does not yet but he will because hordes are awesome and stuff.