The first and largest settlement on Niflalfheimr by the races from across the Northerly Sea. Corlan consists is in actuality two cities – one is the mining colony-turned city beneath the surface and the other is the trading post-turned city on the surface. Residents of either city refers to their home as Corlan and the other as the Undercity or Overcity respectively. Moving between the two is easy and often done.

The Overcity of Corlan has a population of about 12,000 people of a wide variety of races, mostly human and lightfoot halfling. The Undercity boasts another 10,000 inhabitants, chiefly the hill dwarves the operate and work the vast mining complex below the surface, the smiths and artisans that works the materials that are returned to the city, and the masons responsible for creating the living legacy of the mine’s prosperity. Any of the races above can also be found below, with gnomes and dragonborn being found in greater abundance here.


The city of Corlan was founded on the mining industry, though that does not mean that this is the city’s only function. Where once was simply exported materials there is now manufactured goods. Corlan is a major exporter of goods from many trades and professions, including: master-quality arms and armor, jewelry, alchemical materials, machinery, native arts, and medicine.
Beyond make industries such as these, Corlan is mostly self-sufficient, only relying on trade to bring in foodstuffs from afar that serves as a reprieve from the intense amount of fish and potatoes normally found there.
Corlan, by chance, is one of the foremost centers of alchemy and engineering. Long ago, engineers and alchemists from all over the known world were shipped in to lend their expertise to the issues of rough seas in the bay and the horrible cold weather.



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