Adventures in Niflalfheimr

Dardragon's Fungeon Part Two
Classic mistake, that's a Vonin_Dong_

We’re a hallway across from some orcs, and they’re real mad.

They start running down the hallway, despite us sensibly warning them that it’s full of traps.

Two of them run in and die pretty quick and die. The orc chief tries to yell at the others to run in and Nittia yells back “Run, cowards: I will crush you with my mind” They listen to her. A pair of spellcasters don’t, though; one of them doesn’t make it through the traps.

Braith, having a door off the room with the words “Do no enter” pointed out by Fengarr, runs and opens it. There’s some dusty books and boxes and a really fancy chest – about a foot wide and five feet long- with Giantish writing on it. He makes the connection – it’s probably the vonindod. He steps out of the room and closes the door.

Lily continues to wreck some orc shit. Karina heals Lily and takes a pot shot at the orc chief. Raskogg Firebolt and handaxes the chief…. Basically the whole party just lays into him. Nietta mind controls him – he throws his axe down the hall towards us and runs into the hall. Raskogg does a firebolt-handaxe a couple times; eventually the orcman runs away.

Raskogg makes a rude hand gesture in Draconic – the orc chief doesn’t get it because he doesn’t have a cloaca.

We all go and look in the box.

In the box is a long metal shard. We look at it and collectively shrug. We can tell it was originally a part of something.

Braith takes down a book and reads it aka rolls a 20 and learns that the Vonindod was an adamantium colossus built to destroy the dragons. It was destroyed long ago (no one knows how or why)

We take it and put it in our bag of holding. We leave the box though, and put some of the orc weapons in it.

Raskogg wedges his handaxe in the trap hallway and we make our egress. The torch room has a closed door on it; there’s nothing on the other side. Fengar gusts out the torches, and we leave the torch room, and go into the staff room.

Dardragon's Fungeon
More of a Dumgeon

we talked to the green dragon who told us to go on the ring adventure to find a friendly frost giant.

When we get there there’s a half-broken door, and an elf drew carey appears. He says, “you can just speak friend, then enter!” So we do. The other half of the door falls down.

we’re standing outside a door in a mountain. Fengar knows immediately that we are in the mountain range that we were in for the wizard tower. It’s completely broken. There looks like there may have been a sign here at one point but it’s not standing or readable.

Råskogg steps inside, and is not immediately destroyed. Yay! It’s dark though and he can’t see anything. Karina steps in after him. She sees a small room. On the other side is a door, and along either side are weapon racks full of old, rusty weapons.

The rest of the party follows. As soon as Lily enters the room, Dardragon appears again. “This is the ready room! You can, if you wish, take one weapon each. This isn’t a difficult dungeon but there are live monsters. One health potion each.”

Karina prays; with help from her Goddess she finds a pile of healing potions. Everyone takes one.

We step through the door; it smells dank, musty, and mildewy. Karina wrinkles her nose and immediately lights the best smelling incense in her censor, wafting the sweet smoke around the room. There’s two lights on each side of the door we walked in, two lights flanking a door on the opposite side, and four columns, one of which has fallen over. It looks vaguely dwarfish, but dwarfish as imagined as a human. It’s clearly meant to look like an old dwarven temple, but the stone is obviously cement. There are four sarcophogi that look very cheap. Raskogg takes a torch.
Dardragon appears: “Beward the sarcophogi! there are spooky contents inside”. Karina immediately preps turn undead.
Råskogg goes to open the closest one; as soon as he gets close the four sarcophogi spring open and skeletons pop open. Karina casts her spell – and all the skeletons immediately disintegrate and fall back into the sarcophogi, which then slam shut.
Råskogg takes another torch. Braith takes out his lute and starts to strum it.

Råskogg opens the farther door, which springs a trap! A handle swings by, that looks like it had a blade on it one point. Råskogg makes a face back at the group.
On the other side of the door is a hallway. The party caught up with Råskogg while the “blade” swings by. Fengar notices that the hallways is FULL of traps. It’s actually kind of remarkable. He also notices that they are disabled, and doesn’t mention it. The party walks through.

Dardragon shows up. “You see these two statues? One of them always tells the truth, and the other always lies. Which door is the right one?”
There is only one statue, the other one is a pile of rubble.
We have a long conversation; the standing statue is the liar. Braith puts the truth dragon back together while the others try to get information – or misinformation – out of the liar statue.
Eventually we learn that there’s a third door in the room, that we need to find a key for, and come back and go through.

In the next room there are three chests. Dardragon shows up and tells us that one the of the chests is real and the others are scary monsters!.
Råskogg whacks on with his hammer.
It goes “Hey! Hey Buddy! I’m NAPPING HERE
Dardragon looks at him. “Is that your choice?” No.
Råskogg whacks the next one. “Heyyyyyyy” it says.
Dardragon starts to speak again, and Råskogg cuts him off by smashing a hole in the third chest.
Dardragon asks again if it’s our choice. Råskogg says yes. Dardragon says “so open it then”
Råskogg puts his hand through the hole he made. There’s a key inside.

We go back to the statue room, the statues are happy to see us. We go through the locked door.

In this room there’s a pile of obviously fake Dwarvish treasure, and just discarded garbage. It smells really bad. Råskogg is really disappointed and picks through the pile – there’s scraps of cloth and rudimentary tools that were obviously left by the Goblins we learned about in the statue room. Fengarr looks around and realizes there aren’t any traps. The party goes through the next door. As we approach Dardragon appears in front of us, and says that we made it through the first half and the next half is scarier woooooooo

We walk through the door. It’s a huge cavern. It has obviously been destroyed. Hundreds of feet in the distance there is a massive goblin village. Råskogg extinguishes his light.

We decide to climb down; we can see the floor about 20 feet below us. We try to be quiet but don’t really manage it. We don’t think anyone really notices though. The village is very well lit, but our area is dark. The village is pretty far though we don’t think anyone noticed hopfully.

There’s another door at the bottom of the pit. We open it and walk in, closing the door behind us. It’s a darker, spookier version of the first room. Dardragon appears again and tells us we need to find four lights to light the way.
Råskogg opens the door. It’s full of darkness. Karina casts daylight and it is not dispelled. Karina is upset.
Karina and Lily both cast burning hands, covering all the walls with flame. They catch four braziers on fire simultaneously, and as they light the room fills with light.
A door swings open opposite the door we came in. Also on the left side there’s a swinging door that’s half open. Karina takes a bit to pray and calm down. Lily and raskogg go through the secret door – they find the employee breakroom! It’s pretty run down, there are some couches and shelves (long cleared of stuff) and a ladder up. In the second room there are a couple of old magazines, and more couches. A bed seems to indicate that at least one person lived here. They go back to the next room

We go through the next door. Dardragon shows up. “I am glad you adventurers have found the light! now, through this totally normal hallway, is a monster the likes of which you’ve never seen before” We look at the hallway; Fengarr notices that it is full of traps but they are disabled. We walk through.

On the other side is a dead bear. Fengarr buries it with mold earth.

We feel an earthquake – Fengarr realizes that it wasn’t an earthquake, but actually a large set of footsteps.

We walk through the next door; There’s a chest with 300 gold at the end. Dardragons image presents it as a “full refund”

as soon as we step back out into the bear room, a group of heavily-armed orcs (standing in the darkness room) “THERE! THEY SHOULDN’T BE IN HERE! GET THEM

Lily runs and removes the rock that is disablng the track mechanism. The orcs are about to run through.


“whaa” ? The orcs stop

“Why are you attacking us anyway?”

“We’re looking for part of the Vonindod.”

“The what?”
“The Vonindod”


hashtag blessed

The party has decided to visit the green dragon Old Gnawbone in the Krypt Garden Forest. This trip will take several days, if not weeks. The party bought some supplies – Braith bought a new tent.

They are tagging along with a caravan heading to Everland, taking our own wagon with.

The trip is very uneventful for the first few days. Braith spends his nights spreading his “half bushel” of seed. By the fourth day the group is far outside of civilized lands, and is approaching the frontier. They pass another caravan heading the opposite way – towards Corlan.

On passing, the party finds out that the other caravan is made up of refugees – they are fleeing their lands (a small village in the area) after Giants destroyed their homes. The Giants did not kill any people or livestock, just destroyed their homes, forcing them to flee to Corlan.

Braith offered them free stay at the Tickling Cricket, a little girl gave her a crappy straw doll as thanks. Boy kids are stupid.

The group reaches Everland in three more days. It is a frontier town with a population of about 1000 people. It is surrounded by walls and has a river running though it. Outside the walls are some fields. This is the last bastion of civilization before the frontier. Some features of the town include the town guards, shops, and inn, a wizard’s tower with members of the academy.

The group decides to stay at The Ladybug Inn, for the night. Braith jams all night. The next day they leave town, heading north towards the Krypt Garden Forest. They had to leave their wagon behind as there are no more roads. Moving across the grassland, it will take another ten days to reach their destination.

The adventurers are traveling across the hills when they hear a rumbling coming from beyond the hill ahead. Braith recognizes the sound as Stone Giants. The party all hides (Fenngar uses Invisibility) just before the Giants come over the hill. The two Stone Giants do not notice the group and continue on their way, perhaps towards Everland. It is estimated they’ll reach the town within two days (they are faster than the party).

Fenngar uses druidcraft to create the scent of a sexy Giantess. The Giants get confused when they don’t find a sexy Giantess. Fenngar, acting quickly, made the smell of a delicious pig roast. This time the trick worked and the Giants went wandering off in search of the smell. And so, Fenngar saved the town of Everland. Or at least distracted the Giants for 15-20 minutes.

The party keeps heading north then camps for the night. Karina uses Sending and communicates with Ry’ghk (pronounced: Rick), the leader the caravan they traveled to Everland with. The message Karina sends is:

“Hey! Ry’ghk! It’s Karina. We are three days north of Everland. We saw two Stone Giants heading to Everland with old columns for weapons. We have delayed them slightly, but prepare for them.”

Ry’ghk responded:

“Thanks for the warning, will tell guards.”

The group traveled for several more days and finally reached the Krypt Garden Forest. This forest is a pretty small wooded area. Plants do not grow as well this far north, the forest is mostly evergreens. They enter the forest and wander for about 30 minutes. Soon the party notices the lack of any woodland creatures. Braith has a sit. When asked why, he says its creepy. Before Braith has a chance to get up, they all hear something enormous moving through the trees. A massive Green Dragon makes its way into the clearing where the group is sitting. In her mouth is the corpse of a mist elf barbarian. Green mist is floating around its mouth. Braith starts playing dueling banjos.

The dragon speaks and says “Do you always play music when you are nervous?”

DAGRON: “Welcome to my home. I’ve been expecting you.”

Fenngar: “Chazloth Yarghorn sent us here.”

DAGRON: “Yes, I know, he has a terrible name. I am wise and know all that occurs in this land.”

Karina casts magical xanax on everyone so they can chill the fuck out.

Karina: “So you know about the giants”

DAGRON: “Yes. I know. They are a nuisance and will continue to be a problem. I will not deal with them, but I can help push you in the right direction.”

DAGRON: “Seek the Valley of Khhedrun and search for a Giant temple called the Eye of the All Father. Therein you will find your answers. Also. There is…. someone out there who will provide you with some help. He is a giant himself – a frost giant. He is…. not friendly with other giants. You will know him by his helm made from the skull of a white dragon. If you wish to seek him, I would look into that ring of yours (the magic adventure ring)”

Lily: “Hey do you know what was up with my parents?”

DAGRON: “Oh yes they were stupid”


DAGRON: “What do you want to know about this thing?”

Lily: “where is it and can we stop it?”

DAGRON: “Your friend should know about it (looks at fenngar). Should you wish to seek out this creature go west, into a vast forest. This is its domain.”

The party leaves the woods quickly with their new information. Fenngar recalls that the Valley of Khedrun is to the northwest of their current location. Far to the northwest, it would take perhaps a month to travel there. No one has been their but know it by name. It is far inland, in the mountains.

Not sure where to go next, the party decides to use the ring to search for the Frost Giant. Lily whispers “Keldar Dardragon” into the ring and it activates. lightning strikes the ground and an apparition of a halfling appears.

HALFY: "I am Keldar Dardragon and it seems that you all wish to go on an adventure. If you wish to go, affirm “Yes”.

The party says yes.

HALFY: “Great. You have agreed to our safety waivers. Now lets go on an adventure!”

He points and a portal appears.

The party goes into the portal and it snaps shut.

HALFY: “Welcome to Dardragon’s Fungeon!”

There is a door. It is about 9" tall 4" wide. One half of the door has elaborate elven runes along the side of it. And the other half is broken and on the ground.

HALFY: “This is your first challenge, you must must say that you are a friend before you may enter.”

Braith: “Friend” the other side of the door falls off. cuz its broke.

The Final Day
for Sidlic. He's dead now.

We wake up, and everyone is back to normal except Braith and Fengar.

Braith goes to find his friends, and just steals their food and runs away towards the rat camp!

They’re confused but he sort of explains, badly, and then shows up in the rat camp and feeds them food. They eventually come around and there’s a great feast, where Fennel and Nittia both get really drunk. Braith and Nittia perform a song and it’s really great, and then a rat comes up and gives Braith a key.

we go up to the clock tower and stick all our keys in and open the door to find…

A closet. A cedar closet, it smell really nice, Braith checks. Inside is a pedestal, and on the pedestal is a box.

“well I guess nothing to see here” Fengarr says

We stare it a bit and then Nittia walks up and opens the box.

Inside is a knife, a largish dagger with a snake handguard and handle, where the blade is coming out of the serpent’s mouth. It has two ruby eyes which are each worth at least 50 gold.

Raskogg casts detect magic. “It’s SUPER MAGIC guys. Necromantic?”
We all stare for a while at it. Nittia tries to pick it up, and finds that it’s really heavy.

Fengar elbows his way through the group, and picks it up. Then he turns to Sidilic and stabs him in the stomach, pulling the knife up towards his sternum, slicing a gash into his chest cavity that reveals his heart.


Fengarr eats Sidilic eventually. We step through the door. Sidilic doesn’t make it.

We show up again Aerisi Kalanoth’s office, and remember actually what happened:
After camping out, we made our way back to Corlan and are met at the gate by Sidilic. He says his boss has some work for us, so we follow him back to the two her office. It’s locked and we’re kind of annoyed, so start arguing with each other. Taking advantage of our distraction, Sidilic picks the lock, and opens the door. We’re like “oh hey he got it open” and walk in -
then we wake up in the woods.

Aerisi is standing in her office when we wake up. We tell her the story of how we got in, and point at Sidilic’s unconscious body. She kicks it. “Anybody need a job?”

burn it down
day 5 Fengar is an old man in a robe who mysteriously knows everything that's happening in the universe

It’s a new day! Except it’s an old day?

Lily brags about having a key.
Karina says she’s pretty sure she knows about her own demons, and Lily says “you are demons” and makes Karina cry.

Karina suggests just splitting up, since Lily didn’t need help to solve her story. She looks directly at raskogg

“If you haven’t donated to that beggar by the time I get back…”

say you’ll donate his life” Nittia stage whispers

“Yes.” Karina says. “That.”

We decide to split up. Karina more or less just walks off; Braith asks everyone else if wants to go fight some rats with him. “Except Raskogg, go donate to that beggar”.
Raskogg makes a face.
Lily spends about 15 minutes trying to explain philanthropy to Raskogg. He eventually heads into town, with Lily on his shoulders.

Nittia hangs out with Sidillic and Fengar to ask the God what her trial is.

Braith goes into the woods to find his friends Benedict, Rose, and Fennel

Karina goes up to the lumberman and asks for his amulet. She tells him that she’s on a spiritual journey, and was sent to this place to find a demon. She asks if he has heard of any demons or magical objects. He lies and says he hasn’t.
She nods, pretending to believe him, and asks if it would be okay to walk around to woods looking, and indicates her divining equipment. He says it’s fine, but to not bother any of the workers, which she responds to with thanks and some holy gestures.
Karina wanders off. She heads sort of towards dude man’s house, looking to make sure that she wasn’t followed, and eventually finds a way into it.
She looks around; it takes her a long time and a spell to find the amulet but she eventually digs it out of the drawer it’s in.

camera zooms into the amulet, then cuts to a close up of Karina’s face, then back the amulet, then back to her face, while the music is like all high scary strings and then CUT to a tranquil forest scene, with a bird flying away, and pans down onto Raskogg and Fengar and Sidilic

Sidilic is standing in a circle with some runes. “Well, uh, I guess it’s time for me to cut my hand now, huh?”
“Yep” Nittia responds.
“Well, see you on the other side” He says, and slices his hand.

There’s some spooky light and his body jerks around and he opens his mouth to speak “Hey congratulations on finding a key. So uh, what do you need from me this time?”
“What’s my trial?” Nittia asks.
“Well that was direct. Just uh, take what is offered to you. It will become clear.” Then he dissolves.

Siddilic wakes up, shaking his head a little. “So uh, what did we learn?”

Nittia has already gathered her things. “See ya!” she says, and walks off. Fengar shrugs and stands up and follows. “Wait uh, Wait for meee” Sidilic cries, running after them.

Nittia gets to the farm and finds Shatner Ferrari in a field.

He stands up. “Well uh, hey there y’all! How can I help you?”

Nittia says “We’re here to help you any way we can”. Shatner is a little baffled, because that’s all the response she gives, but eventually he assigns the three of them each a task.

Lily is now walking into town, carrying Raskogg on her back.

They make it into town, and it’s just as you remember! And the beggar is right where he’s been every day.

“So, remind me again why we think I have to give money to this beggar?” Raskogg asks?
“Because… you don’t understand the value of money?”
“So, shouldn’t my trial be to… buy something?” Lily gives him a look.
Raskogg sighs, and then walks over to the beggar and tosses his money pouch at him. The beggar snatches it out of the air, and looks at him, somewhat confused, and somewhat dismayed at the violence of the money. He tentatively opens the bag, and says, “I feel… conflicted.” Raskogg looks at him and “smiles” but it’s halfway to to a grimace. “Are you giving this to me… willingly?” and Lily pokes him and stage whispers into his ear “say yes say yes!”
Raskogg smile-grimaces again “I want you to have it” he says through his teeth. The beggar looks at the pouch, and then back at Raskogg. Then he reaches into his hat and pulls out a key, looking dismayed at Raskogg. Raskogg snatches it out of his hand, still smile-grimacing. The beggar reaches into his hat again, and grabs a small amount of confetti and throws it into the air.
Then he walks away, looking over his shoulder a few times.

Raskogg turns to Lily. “I need a drink” he says. “You’re buying.”

Braith is in the woods.

He walks to his friend’s camp and greets Benedict, Rose, and Fennel with a fancy summersault bow. They bow back and it turns into a big ol’ hug fest.

Braith: “What are you up to, i heard you’re dealing with some Nasty Rats!”
Benedict: “Yeah! It would be good to have you on our side, you’re the strongest warrior around!”

They eat a little bit of oatmeal with nuts and berries, and probably oatcakes with honey and cream because this is Redwall, and they make their way off to the last known Rat encampment.

They travel about 30 minutes before coming across a camp of Bipedal Rat people, swearing and drinking. The rats have scimitars, because lets be real they’re river pirates.

Braith asks Fennel, Rose, and Benedict what intelligence they’ve gathered about the rats, and whether they’ve been bothering any of the local towns.

Somewhere far away Fenngar mutters “Murder them” to himself. No one notices, because he’s just a kooky old man.

Braith walk into the camp, with Benedict, Rose and Fennel, and asks “Where is your leader!?”

We cut back to Karina, who has just obtained the amulet. As she pulls it out of the nightstand, the head of the lumbermill walks in. Before he can outburst angrily, he sees her holding the amulet and realizes he’s caught in his lie. Flustered, bursts out “I can explain!”
Karina looks at him and raises a stern eyebrow.

“Well, what do you need to do now?”
She says “I don’t know. I think I need to confront the Demon? but I’m going to pray for guidance first.”
He sighs again. “Okay. Will you leave my house first?”
“And… can I makeI request?”
“Don’t hurt him.” He sounds distressed.
Karina says, “I will take your concerns into consideration” and makes the holy gestures again

She leaves the house; The lumberman locks the door behind her.

She goes out into the woods and prays, then, will steeled, summons the incubus.

He appears: red-skinned, muscular, and shirtless, with demon wings, horns and a tail. He looks around.
“Am I… in trouble?”
“I am not sure. Are you evil?”
“Well, yes. That is my nature.”
“Do you hurt people?”
“For some value of ‘hurt’, yes. I don’t delight in suffering, but I take what I need.”
She’s confused, but decides to roll with it.
“I serve Dol Ara, who brings light to dark places. Will you serve her?”
“Oh no, the gods wouldn’t have me. You little brothers and sister can, though”
“Do you no have Demon gods that you serve?”
“Yes, but they are not… holy.”
“Can you not do good?”
“No, I do not have that choice. You do, you tieflings do. But I do not. You might as well be human. That’s why Demons are jealous, you know. The Gods are jealous, Devils are jealous—”
Karina interrupts him. “So why did that man tell me not to hurt you?”
“He what?”
“He asked me not to hurt you.”
The incubus looks surprised. “He asked you that.” His heart beats. He takes some radiant Damage.
“But, continue. What are Tieflings?”
“Oh, you don’t know? Well uh, a long long time ago a human had a child with Azmodius – he wasn’t the lord of hell yet – And you’re the result of that. Loosely. Like I said the blood is so watered down you might as well be a human.”
Karina nods, then realizes something.
“Wait, how have you been visiting this guy every night if he’s not real?”
The Incubus looks confused. “What? Wait, where am I?”
Then he looks annoyed, and scowls, realizing something. He reaches into his bag, and says out loud, “I didn’t have this before” while pulling out a key. He hands it to Karina, then says, “I think this world will fall apart soon.”
“Yes, I think you’re right. You should probably go back to where you came from”
“Yes.” he snaps his fingers and disappears.
She destroys the amulet.
From a distance you hear “Oh Come on!”

Nittia is mucking the stables She steels herself, determined, and throws the barn doors open to literal waves of stench.
It is full of poop. There is so much poop.
She manages to withstand the stench without vomiting. She looks around for a shovel, and notices one against the wall. She takes a deep breath, then gags because of the smell. she wrinkles her nose, then takes a more careful breath and ties her hair back with a ribbon. Then she gets to work.
She shovels so much shit.
Midway through two of the Ferrari children come in and start watching. She recognizes them as William and Biscuit

somewhere in the distance a kooky old man digging holes with magic mutters to himself, “burn the farm down!”
“Oh nothing. Just, digging holes!” he does a little jig

Biscuit starts getting bored and pesters Nittia.
“Whatcha doooing?”
“I’m cleaning the stable.”
“Why are you doing that?”
“Because your father asked me to.”
“So? He asks me to do tons of things and I don’t do them”
“It needs to get done”
Sensing this line of questioning is a dead end, she switches tack. She points to Nittia’s staff. “What’s that what’s this for what do you need this with”
Nittia looks up. “Oh, that’s for my travels.”
“Oh you travel?” she picks up the staff and starts banging it on things. “Where are you from?”
“Store Essa”
“Is that far away?”
“Yes it’s very far”
she keeps making noise.
“Do you fight monsters I heard some people use these to fight monsters.”
“Yes, I do”
“There’s a big monster here.”
“Yes I’ve heard about that”
“We have to stay inside at night”
“I would recommend that yes.”
“Are you going to take care of the monster?”
Nittia pauses at that.
“Yes, I am” and then continues mucking the stables.
Biscuit is quiet for a second, or at least she stops talking while banging Nittia’s quarterstaff
“So how’s it going”
“Oh it’s great” Nittia doesn’t hide her annoyance.
“Am I bothering you?”
she bangs the quarterstaff some more.
“A little.”
“hahaha Mom says that all time.”
“Would you like to help?” Nittia offers
Biscuit takes a moment to think about it. “If I help will you play a game?”
Biscuit starts to dig in, but she does a really bad job. Despite this, they’re done in about an hour.
“Okay I have to go wash my hands now, then after we’ll play a game, okay?”
Biscuit comes back with a checkerboard. They play for a bit. Nittia is winning accidentally, despite going easy on her, and then Biscuit tries to cheat.
Nittia calls her on it, “That move is against the rules. See?” She points to the offending piece and mimes the move again.
“No it isn’t” Biscuit says. “Not how I play.”
Nittia raises her eyebrows, but lets it slide. They keep playing.
At the end of the game, Biscuit takes a rare pause in speaking.
“I know you probably have to go soon, to go fight monsters” Nittia nods at this. “But I want you to have this”. She pulls out a key from her pocket. Nittia takes it.
“Thank you, I’ll keep it safe. _ And_ I’ll take care of the monster.” She pauses. “Can I ask you a question?”
“Sure” Biscuit responds.
“Why are you named Biscuit?”
Biscuit looks thoughtful for a second. “I dunno. I think Dad was just hungry that day”


The rats are real scared of Braith and his friends. Their leader with slightly fancier armour comes forth from the crowd.

“Where are you going?” Demands Braith?

“Down the River?” says the rat, he’s concerned with Braith because Braith is scary.

“And you’re leaving tonight?” Questions Braith, strongly implying that if they don’t there will be terrible consequences.

“Uuh, but it’s dark at night. And we’ve heard there’s a monster”

“Ok, you’re leaving first thing in the morning,” Braith concedes, he’s a reasonable little dude. “We’ll wait here with you, until you leave.” And Braith sits himself along the edge of the encampment.

Braith’s friends sit with him, they’re less sure of this arrangement.

After a bit of time passes the Rats realize that Braith and his party are not actually going to attack them, and go back to business eating their lunch. Hard Cheese and grog, because they’re just pirates.

After some time a smaller rat walks up, and offers Braith a drink.

“What are you offering?” Asks Braith. “A bit of our grog,” says the rat. “I don’t really like Grog” Braith explains while taking it.

“That’s ok, none of us do, either” quips the rat.

The Grog makes Braith a little drunk, but he’s not poisoned. Braith’s party is also offered grog, seeing that Braith has not been poisoned, they take small sips as well.

Braith offers some seedcake from his pack to the rat. He finds it delicious, and shares it back with his friends.

This exchange loosens some of the tension, but Braith reminds his party to stay on their guard, but commends them on their ability to relax.

Night Falls. Nothing changed, and the monster comes and slaughtered the rat people and Braith and his friends.

In the morning, the group notices that everything is gone: except the clock tower and

Stuck in a Time Loop AGAIN?!
This is day 4. We missed day 3.

LAST TIME: Lily ran off to see her parents die again. The rest of the group went to the dark forest, some Red Wall shit happened. Later the group went to the farm and did some farm hand jobs in exchange for dinner. Then the group went to town, and harassed Raskog to give his money to the beggar, but he didn’t want to. Then errrybody died. Again. Ooof.

THIS TIME: ……WAKE UP! Oh, this again. This time, lets go check out the lumber mill. We arrive at the lumber mill. Lily punches the lumber mill. Nothing happens. There are people milling about. Braithe walks up to a sharp dressed man that appears to be in charge and greets him. His name is Mazen Lent. Braithe asks if Mazen has heard about the monster, and then possibly threatens Mazen, saying he will probably die tonight. Things go a bit downhill from here and there is talk about something being flaccid.

So anyway we go look around at the trees and stuff. The trees are slightly different or odd…

We found a cabin in the woods. It is dark inside so Karina creates a light. We look around. It looks like a regular ol’ cabin that has is lived in. So we leave, and as we close the door Mazen approaches. This is his house, he prefers to live out in the woods. Mazen asks us to head back to the mill. Karina can tell that Mazen is nervous about the group being in his cabin.

The group goes back to the mill. But not Lily! HA HA! Lily looks around his cabin, and looks though his drawers. In a drawer on his bedside table, Lily finds the locket that summons an incubus – the same one the group had found in the mountain tower, and had turned over to Sidilic’s boss lady. Lily pockets the locket and leaves the cabin and catches up with the group. The group leaves the mill, and Lily tells the group that she found Mazen’s sex toy. Karina grabs the locket and SMASH INCUBUS! But there is no key. Boo :(

Nittia grabs the broken amulet and heads back to the mill. The group follows. Nittia throws the broken pieces on Mazen’s desk. He seems collected but Nittia can tell that he is very upset. She questions him about it. He confesses that he bought it for the sex thing. Upset, he asks the group to leave the mill.

The group heads back to town and on the way argues about what to ask the demon this time. They decide to ask why there are 5 key holes, when there are 7 members in the group.

Mr. demon says:

NPC dude dont got a trial, just the player characters. There are 5 tools we need that help us with the final trial, which is Fenngar’s monster face.

OH WE STILL HAVE A FEW HOURS IN THIS LOOP! OH BOY! So we all go wander over Lily’s house to watch the fireworks. Lily looks around the mansion. When the fire starts, Lily finds her dad, and says, ‘dad, I forgive you’. EMOTIONS! FIIIIIIRE!!! Then things got a little weird. Lily goes to try to save lil Lily. Baal is surrounding lil Lily protecting her. Lily reaches out to Baal and says “Baal, yo, help me dawg” and Baal reaches his hand out and gives Lily a key. Lily and Baal and fused again, lil Lily is doin’ allllright.


THEN NEXT DAY! Lily still has Baal and her magic key. Lily climbs up the tree and her family house is gone. In its place is just more forest.

Day 2

We wake up in day 2 of the time loop.

Lily goes straight for her house.

Raskogg tries to remember if he knows anything about the crazy monster that killed us.

Free Drinks and The Morning After
some rip van winkle shit

We arrive at the Bargewright Inn; Shalvis skedaddles real fast but tells us to talk to a lady inside. Zira, a half elf with rusty red hair, offers us a night in the Inn and drinks on the house, as well as a favor, which we decide to keep in our pocket (but not before Lily finds out that deep gnomes are responsible for making Bowie’s pants)

We sleep.

The inn stocks us up with supplies because they’re super cool yay!

We start back to Corlan, but remember to ask first: How do we get in touch with the Lord’s Vassals to call in our favor? We’re told to look for the mark of the king (a lightning bolt) on their left middle finger.

We wave as we pass by Goldenfields.

A couple days later we arrive at Staghorned Flagon. We find Arliosa Starhenge (an old carnival friend of Miros Xelbrin) and give her his regards.

She asks how he is, and we chat for a while.

Lily, unsubtly, checks out her hands to see if she’s wearing any rings, and notices a wooden ring covered with figures of carved nymphs. Arliosa notices, and takes it off and tells a story about the adventurer who gave it to her. She says, “When the adventurer gave me this ring he said, if you ever in need of your own adventure, take the ring off and whisper into it the name ‘Keltar Dardragon’”. She looks at the ring for a short while. “Honestly it never appealed to me, here: you have it” She hands it to Lily, who immediately puts it on.
We talk some more

Braith makes five silver from playing songs, and then tips the bartender.

On the last night on the road we find a campsite and have a big blowout of all our leftovers. Braith sings some songs, Fengarr catches some fish and we cook them. Lily tries to fight Raskogg, and doesn’t manage to engage him but lands a couple punches before he picks her up and holds her in the air for while. Raskogg continues trying to teach the horses to gamble with dice (and continues to be unsuccessful, but at least the horses don’t mind when he cheats) Nittia has a conversation with some birds and mice, a couple of them bring her one nut each. A bird brings a shiny rock.

The next morning we all wake up, alone (individually), in a forest. We all see the same clearing: there’s a stream, some birds singing, but something is very wrong.

Karina realizes she is now has super red skin, large horns, and a really long tail. She freaks out, confronted by her greatest fear, and drops to her knees in frantic prayer.

Fenngar wakes up, similarly, and immediately notices that he has a really long beard. His hands are an old man’s hands. He is an old man.
He notices that is exactly noon. The river is in the wrong place. He has no idea how he ended up here. Fenngar heads south, where there’s a path

Lily wakes up similarly. You say outloud, to Bale: “What happened?” And no one answers. Bale is not there.
Lily fires a Ki blast straight into the air to see if she can. She can, it goes off perfectly. She surveys the clearing, and finds a tall tree to climb. She sees 6 identical clearings: one for each of us (but doesn’t recognize Karina and Fengarr and also Sidilic, wandering confused in the woods.

Braith wakes up, and notices immediately that all his little furry friends are gone. This isn’t by itself unusual, so he dumps a pile of seeds on the ground and shouts to see if anyone can hear him: Lily does

Nittia wakes up and doesn’t notice anything amiss. Confused how she got here, she picks up a rock nearby and asks it what happened. It doesn’t respond, her powers are gone.

Raskogg wakes up and checks his gold, as he does every morning: it’s missing. The bag of holding that all of our stuff. He detects magic: It is all magic. Everything is magic, and it’s all kinds of magic at once. He frowns, takes out his sword and goes off in a random direction.

Lily replies: “Hey Braith I hear you! Keep shouting I’ll bring the other ones to you!” She hops off in the trees, yells to Fengarr to go to Braith, and drops in on Karina “Hey Lady, if you’re lost there’s a bunch of us grouping up over — oh. oh my” she realizes that it’s Karina. “Hey. I uh, I like it” Karina snaps at her, and refuses to go. Lily jumps off, and doesn’t tell the others what she saw.
Fengarr happens on Nittia, who comments on how old he looks. “My bones are hurting, there’s a storm coming”

Lily recounts the other things that she saw from the treetops: A clock tower (not unheard of, but really unusal) and the top of a house.

They also run into Sidilic, who is preppy as usual “Hey Guys!”

We have to end here: Next time we have to convince Karina to join us and also figure out what the heck is going on.

On the way to Bargewright Inn

Braith refills his backpack with seeds for 5 silver.

Shalvis Maltholio exclaims, “Bonobo!” and then we head off in our cart.

As soon as we exit the gate all of Braith’s mice friends come back and it’s adorable and not weird at all. (It’s super weird, bonobo)

We have a ton of quick mini-adventures that we remember fondly.

After the first night, early in the morning, Fengarr feels what seems like a really minor earthquake, or maybe indigestion.
Fengarr realizes there’s a giant nearby, just off to the north from us (across the river).
He tells the party.
Shalvis says, “What do you mean, bonobo?”
He means that there is a giant.
We send Lily to run and check it out, since she’s fast and we need to tire her out anyway because this trip is WAY more peaceful when she’s napping.

Lily runs out after the giant, she runs about 250 feet before she hears a hill giant voice similar to but distinct from Lob and Ogg.
She climbs a tree, flipping up into it’s canopy and finding a hidden spot to peer out – and sees (about 100 feet away) a hill giant stand up and looks right at her. She waves; he waves back and shouts something quizzical. Lily mimes an eating notition. He squints and tilts his head, and starts walking towards her. When he reaches her, he holds out his hand. Lily thinks about it, sees a handful of ogres and goblins behind him, then sets his beard on fire.
She misses, and boops him on the nose. He swats at his face and ROARS.

Lily runs.

From the wagon, we hear a giant roaring, and look at each other. That’s not promising. We prepare for a fight.
Shalvis says to Lily, seeing her stop running and dig in for a fight, “What are you doing, bonobo? Keep Running!”

We fight the giant for a while, and then he runs away, and Lily sets his beard on fire.
He turns to plunge his head into the river, locks eyes with Nietta – and drops dead. Nietta smirks.

Everything runs away.

We bury the giant, and some of it’s dead bugbear and ogre friends who didn’t manage to run fast enough. Giant has a big pouch full of scavenged food- some mushrooms, half a sheep. Also a large iron bell and a wooden toboggan.

Later that night we make it to the Bargewright Inn, Shalvis is very grateful he says, “Thank you very much, Bonobo” and directs us to some other goblin king servants to talk to, maybe one of them has a reward. Bonobo. Nietta plants a tracker on him. He doesn’t go very far he just goes into the Inn.

Braith goes and plants some seeds outside.

In Which We Get Too Many Quests

We’re talking to some giants

“Why does Guh need food?”
“Guh want be biggER”

we learn:
Both the giants are Guh’s husbands; Ammon (The all-father, giant god) went away (it’s not clear where), Ammon might be mad;

We get the giants to promise not to come back and then let then them go, but first we exchange for them a mirror (courtesy Naxine, the caster lady) that Nitta has cast a tracker on.
We open the smelly sacks. We find:

A mangy fur pelt
a ten foot long hempen rope tied to a rowboat anchor (Lily immediate ties this to her back)
a 50 foot hemp rope
a small wooden box full of exquisitely crafted turquoise animal figurines (w. 250g)
a large, well-made tapestry (w. 250g)

a giant-sized bone comb
a 5-foot length of chain
a small idol made of gold – in the shape of Ammon (w. 750 g)
a normal sized “potion of acid resistance” (gives acid resistance 1 hr.)

We learn from Naxine that
a) there’s been more giant sightings that she didn’t believe
b) she asks us to tell a friend of hers in Corlan (a dragon expert) named Chazlauth Yarghorn who she wants us to tell about this and ask for help. She also tells us where he lives (in a tall stone house with a tower) She thinks that he could get some good dragons to help us

Xi Liang also steps forward, hearing that we’re headed back to Corlan.
She thanks us for helping (and believing me – side eyes Naxine) and then pulls out a necklace from under her shirt – it has a black pearl pendant. She hands it to Karina, and asks us to visit house Thann. (and presumably give him that)
Lily remembers playing with a boy named Colin from House Thann. Colin was a dick.

We decide that we’re gonna follow the giants. While we’re packing up, Orin hands Braith a letter and asks him to take it to his sister Lily in Daggerford who works at the Happy Cow Tavern. Braith agrees.

After we are packed up and get down into the main tavern room, Miros stops us, and tells us to go the StagHorned Flagon in Amphail (it’s between here and Corlan) and give us his regards to the proprietor Arliosa Starhenge.

On the way out the door we’re stopped by the Shepherd Shalvis. He asks where we’re going and mentions that he was looking for some protection. Then he name drops David Bowie (except never actually says his name) and asks for an escort to the Bargeright Inn.
We tell him that we’ll be back in Goldenfield after we find the Giants and we’ll take him with us from there.

On our way out the door, we run into the big tree, who thanks us for helping save the children.
He says we remind him of a friend he had, Erglas (the elf). Erglas used to fight giants! He left 30 years ago, and went to Shadowtop Cathedral? He was looking for a Treeant named Turlang. He suggests we go looking for those two.

They’re moving erratically and… towards Corlan. We figure that they might be lost, so we go catch up with them and ask them if they’re lost.
They are, but they don’t know it..
We drill them as much as possible to try to get them on the right track towards their home. We learn there are stone ruins by a lake. Or maybe they built stone buildings? With Hobgoblins.
We get frustrated and go back to Goldenfields.

We pick up Shelvis and decide to take him to his place, BargeRight Inn. It’s the farthest away, but /~o~


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