A half Genie half human hybrid


Baal is a physical manifestation of a fire planar being. His body was not fully formed before becoming attached to his host which was a small girl in a crisis. From her soul explodes the half-formed body of a half-genie half-human Monk. He has deep green marble skin and white pupil-less eyes that have a generally soft expression. In moments of anger or defense his body lights up with veins of fire that come from hard to see grooves etched throughout his form. He gives off a radiant heat while idle.

Still stolen from Fenngar
Physical appearance
Male torso of a half Genie half Human hybrid.
Approximately 2 years old.
3 feet tall (torso up).
Approximately 220 pounds when corporeal.
Deep green marble skin. Reflective. With deep grooves that swell with a deep orange/red light source.
White eyes.
Bald flat top of his skull with cracks that mimic burning embers. Black and red hints.
No facial hair.

Apparel and accessories
Giant naked muscle-y torso guy


Baal was a being in the plane of fire which cares not for time or age. Every so often interactions between his plane and the physical world can take place and in such instances his kind has been known to be granted physical form. One such phenomena began occurring and he recites it as this:

“I remember being able to remember. That was new to me. And the idea that something was new was also new. As confusing as it sounds, these were my first thoughts. Then I remember a tearing. Not a pain, but a pulling sensation at every fiber of my being. Waves of yellow light flickered and flashed until more colors seared into view. I saw fire all around me but it was not those of my home. Unfamiliar. I saw my right hand. My right hand? Yes. A right hand and a left… I knew this, it was a ‘body’! I knew this must be… but then a voice cut through every synapse in my brain screaming:
‘You! You… this can’t be. You’re… You’re wrong!’
A badly wounded elf, the first I had ever seen. He looked at me in horror, disbelief, I’m sure I looked at him the same.
I remember feeling a sensation, I didn’t like it, it was a familiar warmth but it now scratched too deep. I was in pain? I did not like pain.
It took the elf a moment and he sighed deep, reservedly, he spoke again:
‘Please… save her. Without her you will cease to exist both here and wherever you are from. Just get her out of here! Keep her safe!’
That was when I looked down and saw her. A small child, unconscious, laying on the ground beneath where the rest of my body should have been. I felt an instant affinity for her. As if she were my own body. Her pain and fear were real to me and at once I understood the danger of our surroundings. I’ve been alive for 2 minutes now, and I am in incredible danger.”

Baal is an extension of Liliana’s soul. She can summon him from his home which is a temporary temporal pocket between the Fire plane and the physical plane. He can choose to stay present or return to the pocket at will. He generally refers to this as sleeping and is often ‘tired’. Whether that is true or not has not been confirmed, and he has a lightning reflex of appearing should Liliana find herself in immediate danger.
Access to the physical world is an incredible experience for Baal and he often chooses to remain in the present. Many disguises have been utilized to keep this bizarre phenomenon from attracting attention, such as a cloak with two eye holes for Lillie, and any number of other, hilarious shenanigans.


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