Fenngar the Antiquary

Druid Pacifist


Physical appearance

  • Male human.
  • Approximately 30 years old.
  • 6 feet tall.
  • Approximately 170 pounds.
  • Pale skin, little to no freckles, blemishes, or scars.
  • Green eyes.
  • Golden-red hair, which is long and kept back in a braid.
  • No facial hair.
  • Slender facial features.

Apparel and accessories

  • Basic brown leather armor (including boots).
  • Plain brown cloth cloak.
  • A simple natural wooden staff, used as a druidic focus.
  • A small wooden shield that can be worn strapped to his left forearm.
  • A silver signet ring with a skull in the center, vines on either side of it, and an unknown cuneiform script above and below it. Worn on his right index finger.
  • A hand-carved wooden tobacco pipe, kept on his belt in a holster, with a small pouch of tobacco next to it.
  • A simple cloth and leather backpack, commonly known as an explorer’s pack.

Fenngar the Antiquary is a human druid. He is wise and scholarly, and is quite knowledgeable in the areas of arcana, history, religion, and nature. He has studied many languages, including a few more exotic tongues such as Sylvan and Deep Speech.

As his name suggests, Fenngar has an interest in relics and historical sites. He wears one such relic – a silver ring of unknown ancient origins.

He is a pacifist, and will not directly cause harm to natural creatures. He does not have the same qualms about unnatural creatures like undead and aberrations, however, since his default stance is pacifism, he does not often choose harmful spells when going through his daily rituals of spell preparation.

Being both a pacifist and historian, often times the only way for him to reach historical sites for study is by working with groups of adventurers. Fenngar believes in giving all creatures a burial, if possible, even if those creatures were just slain by the party of adventurers he is working with. He also believes that it is wrong to take the possessions from the dead, although he has learned to accept that most adventurers do no share this belief.

Fenngar is from the mainland. He recently arrived in Corlan after learning of the demand for druids on this island.

Fenngar the Antiquary

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