Sigrid (Kalmar) Geldef

Female Rogue Swashbuckler


Sigrid stands about 5" 5’ tall with long red curly hair that she always wears up. Her eyes are a gray-blue. The attire she wears is high quality leather armor that is well made in there simplicity.
Around her neck is a gold necklace that bares a ship and anchor; the Kalmar family crest.
On her left hand is a simple gold and platinum ring: her wedding band.
From her left hip hangs a Rapier, strapped to outside of her left calf is a short sword.


Sigrid comes from Stora Esos a country without magic. Her family the Kalmar’s our merchants who own the largest shipping company in Stora Esos, called The Trade Circle.
At 18 Sigrid married a wealthy banker. This was an arranged marriage that benefited both families greatly.

Sigrid (Kalmar) Geldef

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