Adventures in Niflalfheimr

Free Drinks and The Morning After

some rip van winkle shit

We arrive at the Bargewright Inn; Shalvis skedaddles real fast but tells us to talk to a lady inside. Zira, a half elf with rusty red hair, offers us a night in the Inn and drinks on the house, as well as a favor, which we decide to keep in our pocket (but not before Lily finds out that deep gnomes are responsible for making Bowie’s pants)

We sleep.

The inn stocks us up with supplies because they’re super cool yay!

We start back to Corlan, but remember to ask first: How do we get in touch with the Lord’s Vassals to call in our favor? We’re told to look for the mark of the king (a lightning bolt) on their left middle finger.

We wave as we pass by Goldenfields.

A couple days later we arrive at Staghorned Flagon. We find Arliosa Starhenge (an old carnival friend of Miros Xelbrin) and give her his regards.

She asks how he is, and we chat for a while.

Lily, unsubtly, checks out her hands to see if she’s wearing any rings, and notices a wooden ring covered with figures of carved nymphs. Arliosa notices, and takes it off and tells a story about the adventurer who gave it to her. She says, “When the adventurer gave me this ring he said, if you ever in need of your own adventure, take the ring off and whisper into it the name ‘Keltar Dardragon’”. She looks at the ring for a short while. “Honestly it never appealed to me, here: you have it” She hands it to Lily, who immediately puts it on.
We talk some more

Braith makes five silver from playing songs, and then tips the bartender.

On the last night on the road we find a campsite and have a big blowout of all our leftovers. Braith sings some songs, Fengarr catches some fish and we cook them. Lily tries to fight Raskogg, and doesn’t manage to engage him but lands a couple punches before he picks her up and holds her in the air for while. Raskogg continues trying to teach the horses to gamble with dice (and continues to be unsuccessful, but at least the horses don’t mind when he cheats) Nittia has a conversation with some birds and mice, a couple of them bring her one nut each. A bird brings a shiny rock.

The next morning we all wake up, alone (individually), in a forest. We all see the same clearing: there’s a stream, some birds singing, but something is very wrong.

Karina realizes she is now has super red skin, large horns, and a really long tail. She freaks out, confronted by her greatest fear, and drops to her knees in frantic prayer.

Fenngar wakes up, similarly, and immediately notices that he has a really long beard. His hands are an old man’s hands. He is an old man.
He notices that is exactly noon. The river is in the wrong place. He has no idea how he ended up here. Fenngar heads south, where there’s a path

Lily wakes up similarly. You say outloud, to Bale: “What happened?” And no one answers. Bale is not there.
Lily fires a Ki blast straight into the air to see if she can. She can, it goes off perfectly. She surveys the clearing, and finds a tall tree to climb. She sees 6 identical clearings: one for each of us (but doesn’t recognize Karina and Fengarr and also Sidilic, wandering confused in the woods.

Braith wakes up, and notices immediately that all his little furry friends are gone. This isn’t by itself unusual, so he dumps a pile of seeds on the ground and shouts to see if anyone can hear him: Lily does

Nittia wakes up and doesn’t notice anything amiss. Confused how she got here, she picks up a rock nearby and asks it what happened. It doesn’t respond, her powers are gone.

Raskogg wakes up and checks his gold, as he does every morning: it’s missing. The bag of holding that all of our stuff. He detects magic: It is all magic. Everything is magic, and it’s all kinds of magic at once. He frowns, takes out his sword and goes off in a random direction.

Lily replies: “Hey Braith I hear you! Keep shouting I’ll bring the other ones to you!” She hops off in the trees, yells to Fengarr to go to Braith, and drops in on Karina “Hey Lady, if you’re lost there’s a bunch of us grouping up over — oh. oh my” she realizes that it’s Karina. “Hey. I uh, I like it” Karina snaps at her, and refuses to go. Lily jumps off, and doesn’t tell the others what she saw.
Fengarr happens on Nittia, who comments on how old he looks. “My bones are hurting, there’s a storm coming”

Lily recounts the other things that she saw from the treetops: A clock tower (not unheard of, but really unusal) and the top of a house.

They also run into Sidilic, who is preppy as usual “Hey Guys!”

We have to end here: Next time we have to convince Karina to join us and also figure out what the heck is going on.


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