Adventures in Niflalfheimr

On the way to Bargewright Inn


Braith refills his backpack with seeds for 5 silver.

Shalvis Maltholio exclaims, “Bonobo!” and then we head off in our cart.

As soon as we exit the gate all of Braith’s mice friends come back and it’s adorable and not weird at all. (It’s super weird, bonobo)

We have a ton of quick mini-adventures that we remember fondly.

After the first night, early in the morning, Fengarr feels what seems like a really minor earthquake, or maybe indigestion.
Fengarr realizes there’s a giant nearby, just off to the north from us (across the river).
He tells the party.
Shalvis says, “What do you mean, bonobo?”
He means that there is a giant.
We send Lily to run and check it out, since she’s fast and we need to tire her out anyway because this trip is WAY more peaceful when she’s napping.

Lily runs out after the giant, she runs about 250 feet before she hears a hill giant voice similar to but distinct from Lob and Ogg.
She climbs a tree, flipping up into it’s canopy and finding a hidden spot to peer out – and sees (about 100 feet away) a hill giant stand up and looks right at her. She waves; he waves back and shouts something quizzical. Lily mimes an eating notition. He squints and tilts his head, and starts walking towards her. When he reaches her, he holds out his hand. Lily thinks about it, sees a handful of ogres and goblins behind him, then sets his beard on fire.
She misses, and boops him on the nose. He swats at his face and ROARS.

Lily runs.

From the wagon, we hear a giant roaring, and look at each other. That’s not promising. We prepare for a fight.
Shalvis says to Lily, seeing her stop running and dig in for a fight, “What are you doing, bonobo? Keep Running!”

We fight the giant for a while, and then he runs away, and Lily sets his beard on fire.
He turns to plunge his head into the river, locks eyes with Nietta – and drops dead. Nietta smirks.

Everything runs away.

We bury the giant, and some of it’s dead bugbear and ogre friends who didn’t manage to run fast enough. Giant has a big pouch full of scavenged food- some mushrooms, half a sheep. Also a large iron bell and a wooden toboggan.

Later that night we make it to the Bargewright Inn, Shalvis is very grateful he says, “Thank you very much, Bonobo” and directs us to some other goblin king servants to talk to, maybe one of them has a reward. Bonobo. Nietta plants a tracker on him. He doesn’t go very far he just goes into the Inn.

Braith goes and plants some seeds outside.


BobbyBees sprasarah

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