The goddess of agriculture, fertility, new life and motherly relationships.

Common symbols: wheat, bread, honey, flowers, apples, cows, rabbits, and a flaming torch.

Gefjun is depicted as a mature woman, often wearing a crown of flowers. The items that she is depicted holding varies depends on region and social class. For example she is seen bearing sheafs of wheat, in peasant communities. A cornucopia over flowing with produce, in wealthier communities. And in Corlan she is almost always holding a flaming torch because warmth is crucial for life, in the unearthly cold of Corlan.

Gefjun is worshiped throughout Nifalfheimr and by most classes. Common gifts bestowed upon her are bread and honey, thought any produce are seen as acceptable gifts. Animal sacrifice is not accepted in the worship of Gefjun. She is the goddess of life and looks down on living sacrifice. She is seen to favor the sacrifice of a hard days work and child birth above all else. Nothing is considered more sacred to her then to work and toile to bring about what you want and to strive to create.

She was born in the Spring, on the summer solstice, bringing to the world a wealth of new life.


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