Stora Esos

The country of Stora Esos is 40,000 sq miles (about the size of Iceland). A majority of Stora Esos is surrounded by water and small islands. These islands run the length of the cost making navigation in and out of Stora Esos difficult for larger ships. On South-East border of the country is the Steinnar mountain range, a very treacherous mountain range, that completely separating Stora Esos from the rest of the continent.

The people form Stora Esos are humans, they call themselves the Esos. For various reasons and social constructs the people of Stora Esos chose not to use or allow the use of magic or magical items. Do to this removal of magic from the country most Esos are afraid of magic. In order to keep magic out of Stora Esos the government created strict laws that govern who can go in and out of Stora Esos. These strict laws and the societal fear of magic has lead most Esos to fear outsiders and the rest of the world. The primary contact the Esos have with other races are the Dwarves who live in the Steinarr mountains.

In the rest of the world you can sometimes hear the term Esos used as a derogatory term for someone who fears magic.

The economy of Stora Esos is self sufficient. Along the coast there is fishing. the different types of fish that can be found there are used for food and oil. The largest amount of land in the center of the country is used for agriculture. The Steinnar mountains are densely forested with red oak which supplies the wood for the artisans that can be found though the country.

Stora Esos

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